“Left eye jump wealth, right eye jump disaster”? Eyelid: now tell you why I jump

From childhood to adulthood, as long as the eyelids jump, the elders will say “left eye jump wealth, right eye jump disaster”, EMM The eyelids keep jumping, but the ears are about to hear the cocoon.

now it’s 2020. Do you still believe that eyelid skipping can predict bad luck? Why does eyelid jump? Today, Xiao Nan is going to tell you something about eyelid skipping.

eyelid skipping is called “palpebral tremor”, also known as blepharospasm. It refers to the abnormal nerve excitation that controls the eyelid muscle, causing some orbicularis oculi muscle fibers to contract and vibrate in a short time, and then affecting the attached skin to appear tremor and spasm. It can be divided into physiological and pathological eyelid skipping. Generally speaking, most eyelid skipping is physiological.

physiological eyelid skipping is mostly caused by mental tension, eye fatigue caused by long time reading, mobile phone or facing the computer, excessive smoking and alcohol, strong light stimulation, lack of sleep and other factors.

physiological eyelid jump is characterized by unilateral eyelid jump; the onset time is short, mostly between a few seconds to a few minutes; the duration is different, ranging from two or three hours to four or five days; the degree of eyelid jump is relatively slight.

in daily life, we should stop smoking and limit alcohol, reduce the intake of strong tea and coffee, keep a relaxed mood, pay attention to rest, avoid excessive eye use or strong light stimulation, and pay attention to eye hygiene.

when eyelids jump, some people like to stick paper or wheat straw on their eyelids, which has no scientific basis. Physiological eyelid skipping is a spontaneous symptom, which can recover by itself. It can also be treated with local massage or hot compress to relieve spasm.

myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other eye ametropia, intraocular foreign bodies, inverted eyelashes, eyelid edge inflammation, conjunctivitis, keratitis stimulate the eyes, excessive regulation, eyelid muscle will not move autonomously, leading to eyelid beat.

the attack is more frequent, the beating time is longer, the degree is bigger, the serious person even cannot open the eye, affects the vision. What’s more, it will twitch along with one side of the forehead, eyebrows, corners of the mouth and even the same side of the face.

according to the doctor’s advice, medical or surgical intervention should be carried out, in which local injection of botulinum toxin can relax muscles, reduce tremor, and help prevent spasm. CUISINE&HEALTH