Li Jiaqi sold 200000 pairs of slippers in a few minutes

Presumably for the vast majority of people, no matter what line they are engaged in, their feet are tired all day long. When they get home, they change into slippers for the first time, so that the arch of their feet can be relieved, not to mention how comfortable it is.

but do you know that slippers have a history of more than 100 years. Some say that they originated from India, but more scholars believe that they originated from the Meiji Restoration era in Japan.

However, no matter where the slippers originated, with the development of science and technology, the main materials of slippers have developed from the earliest ones with grass, bark or animal skin as the bottom to the present ones with plastic as the main. Both durability and comfort are constantly improving.

plastic slippers came out in France in the 1950s. As we all know, plastic is mainly formed by polymerization of by-products extracted from petroleum and other fossil raw materials. It belongs to high molecular polymer. This kind of material is widely used because of its easy access to raw materials, simple processing and low cost, so plastic slippers are quickly promoted in the world.

However, there are many problems in the use of traditional plastic slippers. For example, many slippers will produce a pungent, disgusting smell, and will be oxidized, yellow and black. These are not only difficult to take care of, but also not conducive to health. What’s more, plastic slippers often have poor anti-skid performance and are easy to grind feet, which can easily lead to wrestling. It’s not safe for the elderly, children and pregnant women to wear them.

it is also worth mentioning that many slippers with 9.9 yuan package are actually made from recycled rubber. Heavy metals such as dibutyl ester, phthalic acid and lead exceed the standard seriously. These are very harmful to human body. After wearing for a long time, they will cause bacterial infection, ulceration at sole or toe, irritating dermatitis and many other problems. Therefore, we are buying them now We should polish our eyes and make sure it is genuine.

fortunately, some problems of traditional slippers have been solved by a domestic manufacturer of slippers. A new home slipper in early spring and early summer has been developed. This slipper is updated with environmental protection new EVA material. Starting from the material aspect, it not only solves the problems of slipping, difficult cleaning and easy breeding of bacteria, but also innovates the appearance design of slippers, subverting the tradition The design of slippers is more comfortable.

not long ago, network anchor Li Jiaqi launched this product in his live studio. In just a few minutes, 200000 pairs were lost in a second, so that Li Jiaqi was surprised to shout “OMG” three times in front of the camera, which shows that this product has been popular with many people.

this kind of slipper is also used in my family. The soft sole is really comfortable to wear on my feet. An inappropriate analogy is that I feel like I’m bursting when stepping on excrement. Here I will briefly talk about the differences between this slipper and ordinary slippers.

in the use of materials, muchun early summer home slippers are made of environmental protection material EVA material. The biggest advantage of this material is environmental protection. It integrates no odor, no heavy metal, and is soft, durable and non slip. It’s as comfortable as stepping on cotton, and it’s very comfortable to decompress instantly.

it’s a good product that can stand the test of practice. Here’s what netizens have done about the elasticity of slippers. You can see how the elasticity is. In addition to the good material, the skid resistance of slippers is also a key assessment index. Usually, slippers are usually used in summer or bathing, especially when the ground is wet and slippery, which is easy to cause people to slip and get injured. Muchun early summer home slippers well solve this problem, using large ripple anti-skid design, no longer worry about slipping.

it’s the autumnal equinox season. Affected by the cold air, it rains frequently in South China in recent days. At this time, if the anti-skid performance of slippers is not good, it’s easy to be “lost on the road”, and once they slip, they will be injured seriously. In the early summer of muchun, the slippers are designed with big wavy patterns at the bottom, which can improve the anti-skid performance by increasing the friction with the ground, just like the gecko claws, which are firmly attached to the wall, so they will not fall easily.

this kind of slipper has been tested by authoritative testing institutions, and the antibacterial effect is very good, so that even though the feet sweat in summer, there will not be foot odor. After wearing a day’s high root shoes to go home and change into the early spring and summer, this kind of slipper is not to mention how comfortable it is, it is just a decompression artifact.

Moreover, this slipper is made by integrated molding process, which ensures that the materials will not be spliced, so as to reduce dirt. It is not inferior to ADI and Nike in use, and it will not make an unpleasant sound when walking.

after weighing, the weight of this slipper is only 182 grams, but the sole accounts for the vast majority. It can be said that great efforts have been made on the sole, which not only avoids the discomfort of walking due to very soft, but also solves the problem of foot injury due to too hard, so as to achieve moderate hardness as far as possible, so as to improve the comfort.

this one-piece design can bend 360 degrees at will, and it also designs a 30 degree forward tilt, which completely subverts the traditional slipper straight tube design, completely conforms to the original ergonomics, and is lighter to walk.

this pair of environmentally friendly anti-skid slippers, which are called “Xiaomi in slipper industry” by many people, is only 29.9 yuan for each pair now. Besides, two pairs of slippers are given a toothbrush as a gift, so the cost performance is no longer satisfactory. Buy it home and give it to the elders and children. The antiskid performance is improved. How safe the whole family is. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”