Li now perfect abdominal muscle again on hot search! Why is “present” boyfriend so outstanding? How does he practice abdominal muscles?

In China’s entertainment circle, there are more and more muscular male gods now, and everyone’s aesthetic is gradually changing. They don’t like those lady stars any more. Peng Yuyan is the first one to think of among many muscular male gods! Peng Yuyan with his excellent appearance, symmetrical figure, perfect muscle lines, low body fat rate, proportion coordination, let everyone envy!

it’s not difficult to see his love for fitness from the daily life he shared. He often sends some training photos on social media. Although he doesn’t practice his girth too much as an actor, he has a habit of fitness for a long time, and his diet is very self disciplined, so his body fat rate is maintained at a certain level, and his muscle lines are very obvious!

and recently, a few days ago, once again, I got hot on the social platform. But this time, he gave his abdominal muscles a code, and the accompanying text said that he was “losing weight…”

in the photos, we can see that Li Xian has lost a lot of weight, but this does not affect everyone’s crazy licking screen, but now you see such an excellent Li Xian, can you think that he used to be a little fat man? As a child, Li Xian has a round face and a round stomach. Because he likes to eat fast food, he weighs as much as 160 Jin at a young age. He is totally different from today’s strong appearance. He even teases himself about his past appearance.

for his acting dream, he resolutely began to keep fit and self-discipline diet control. It has been seven or eight years since he started to keep fit, and now he has today’s boyfriend!

the lifestyle of modern people leads to that the waist and abdomen are always easy to accumulate fat, so if we want to practice perfect abdominal muscles, we must reduce the body fat rate as much as possible! The most reliable way to reduce body fat rate is to reduce the intake of calories, that is, to control the eating! According to the above requirements, the nutritional proportion of our diet should be high protein, low-carbon water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and reduce the intake of high oil, high sugar and high salt food. Keep 300-500kcal calorie gap every day to reduce fat healthily!

after diet control, the body fat rate will gradually decrease, and the abdominal fat will also gradually decrease. At this time, the original shape of the waist and abdomen will gradually appear. At this time, starting targeted anti resistance training is the most important means to ensure our Mermaid line and eight abdominal muscles. Long term waist and abdomen training will also increase our muscle content, basic metabolism, and improve our body’s water storage ability Let’s see the perfect ABS again! You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao