Li Yanshai, 14, took a group photo to celebrate Li Yapeng’s birthday. She successfully removed the label of “harelip”, which was too beautiful to recognize

Some time ago, Li Yan posted an article on a social platform to celebrate Li Yapeng’s birthday. This 14-year-old girl is still clinging to her father’s side, < / P > < p > who would have thought that this confident, generous, young and sunny girl was born as a “harelip” girl? It’s not difficult to observe this change carefully. In fact, this change is inseparable from the help and care of Li Yapeng and Wang Fei. < / P > < p > this is what Li Yapeng read when he participated in the CCTV program. In this letter to her daughter, Li Yapeng expressed his best wishes to her daughter. With Li Yan’s self-confidence, this kind of blessing has become more and more popular. Li Yan, who has just been born, has set off a hot news spot, not only because of her “cleft lip” daughter, but also because of the decision made by Li Yapeng and Faye Wong in the third trimester of pregnancy: to give birth to this baby. < / P > < p > this is not an easy decision to make. With the birth of Li Yan, Li Yapeng and Wang Fei actively help Li Yan. In order to help Li Yan better integrate into her life, they unconditionally support her daughter’s facial repair surgery, and even set up the Yan Ran foundation to help more children who have been kissed by God. < / P > < p > with the unconditional support and help of her parents, Li Yan gradually became more confident and calm, even willing to give up her long-standing self portrait of only taking side photos and show her positive and generous face to the public. < / P > < p > according to statistics, there are 800000 ~ 1000000 congenital malformations in China every year. In addition to the influence of heredity, a large part of these children who have been kissed by God are due to bad habits during pregnancy. < / P > < p > alcohol and tobacco are items that pregnant mothers must not touch during pregnancy. Nicotine in tobacco and alcohol in wine have been shown to have an important impact on the development of embryos and fetuses. Their teratogenicity will cause abnormal changes of embryo and fetus, and affect the health of fetus. < / P > < p > I didn’t expect that hawthorn, which looks sour and sweet, is actually the little killer that affects the baby’s health. Studies have confirmed that excessive consumption of Hawthorn can cause uterine contractions and, in severe cases, miscarriage. This is actually a wake-up call for pregnant mothers: Although hawthorn is sour and sweet, it should also be appropriate. The key to

nail polish is the chemical nature of nail polish. This kind of material with chemical pigments will invade the body of pregnant mother, although it will not have a greater impact on pregnant mother, but the baby is delicate after all, and will be negatively affected by nail polish. < / P > < p > premarital examination is a kind of examination ignored by many young couples, which is different from pregnancy examination. This kind of examination can well avoid the risk of pregnancy in advance. In particular, some hereditary diseases can be found by examination. < / P > < p > after the premarital examination found that the disease, the husband and wife can actively treat before pregnancy, after excluding the environment of abnormal children, naturally can give birth to a healthy baby. < / P > < p > folic acid and DHA are two essential elements in the process of fetal growth. Now the country for pregnant mother’s folic acid use will be completely burden, pregnant mother should be under the guidance of doctors, rational use of folic acid. This will avoid the occurrence of neural malformation to a certain extent. < / P > < p > pregnancy check-up is a link that can not be ignored for pregnant mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should not ignore the check-up because they are too troublesome. Timely pregnancy check-up can make pregnant mothers better understand the development of the fetus, through the monitoring of the fetal situation, to avoid the occurrence of malformations. Pets