Lin Zhiying’s 36 year old wife Chen ruoyi’s skin care experience is broadcast live. The luxurious cloakroom is full of competition!

On September 28, Lin Zhiying’s wife, Chen ruoyi, was broadcast live on the social platform to share her skin care experience with you. She is still beautiful and her skin is very white. She looks like a young girl with a ball on her head. She was wearing white printed pajamas, very young, but also revealed the perfect clavicle.

with a very happy smile on his face, it seems that his recent life is very happy. With a loving husband and three very lovely children, life is also very happy.

Chen ruoyi got a lot of support this time. Many fans and netizens left messages for her in the comment area. Many netizens praised Chen ruoyi’s ability to play. Some netizens said that Chen ruoyi’s face looks so tender and envies her skin. Some netizens also said: “plain face is more beautiful than makeup!”

she has the love of her husband Lin Zhiying and three lovely babies. She is called the winner of life by netizens. Her life condition is also very good, usually also can bask in own daily life. Just on September 25, Chen ruoyi also released a group of photos showing her baby shopping in the supermarket. The two babies look very lively and lovely, and the pictures are very loving.

Chen ruoyi is very beautiful both in figure and appearance. She has two full body photos recently. Her big long legs are very attractive. She doesn’t look like a mother of three at all.

Kimi, the eldest son of Chen ruoyi and Lin Zhiying, is 11 years old. On September 15, Chen ruoyi also showed a picture of Kimi standing in front of the cake, and Chang Wen celebrated his birthday.

not long ago, Chen ruoyi and Lin Zhiying participated in the reality show together. Netizens also saw their love and sincerely wish the family more and more happiness. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE