Liu Taiyang, the “Chinese hip God”, is the referee in the bodybuilding competition. He is 130 Jin and has such a good figure

Nowadays, with the emphasis on body shape, weight loss seems to be the most discussed topic among girls. It is true that reducing the body fat content will make you more slim to a certain extent. But if you want to have a perfect body curve, simple fat reduction is far from enough. In addition to controlling fat, you should also increase the body muscle content through strength training, so as to make your body more healthy Body curve is more obvious, body lines are more beautiful, at this time weight is no longer important. < / P > < p > if you think that a body with a weight of less than 100 is good-looking, you still don’t know those fitness girls with a large weight. They not only have perfect body curves, but also don’t have any excess fat. For example, Liu Taiyang, the fitness goddess who is very popular in the fitness circle, will be introduced to you today. < / P > < p > I believe that those who like to pay attention to the fitness circle are very familiar with this name. Recently, it’s really very popular. The reason for its popularity is that Liu Taiyang was not a contestant at that time, but participated as a referee. What’s unexpected is that when she came on the stage, because her figure was too dazzling, her aura completely overtook the contestants and attracted the audience eye. < / P > < p > you should know that this is not another competition, but a professional bodybuilding competition. The contestants are all top figures in the country. In this case, they can stand out. You can imagine how good her figure is. < / P > < p > different from our common girls, although Liu Taiyang is 178 in height, she weighs 130 Jin. Seeing this figure, although she is 178 in height, 130 Jin is still overweight, but you can’t see any extra weight on her. Who can believe that she has such a beautiful curve, but she has a very good waist hip ratio. Her three girths are 103, 69 and 96 respectively At present, she is also a professional bodybuilder and has participated in many competitions and achieved good results. Although the sun is only 25 years old after 95, she has many years of training experience. < p > < p > 14 years ago, she began to participate in the competition and won the champion in the Miss World Tourism competition. In the Olympic Games of 19 years, she won the second place in group D of women’s Bikini, the second place in group C of women’s fitness model and the third place in the whole competition of women’s fitness model. < / P > < p > what can be recognized by the referee and stand out among the players is the perfect body curve displayed by her crazy buttocks, which is also called “Chinese buttock God” by many people. Buttocks are important parts to show the body curve, so if you want to have a body with visual impact, buttock training is an unavoidable topic. < / P > < p > Liu Taiyang is no exception, to maintain such a physical state, every week will train for at least five days, for hip training is preferred, every week, 2-3 times of hip training, < / P > < p > for us is the same, want to shape a perfect body, rely on weight loss is far from enough, also need to through strength training to shape the body, and the most prominent The part of the body is undoubtedly our hips, which is the birthplace of female charm, and full hips will make our body more curvy. 08/16/2020