Liu Tao, 42, says that he weighs 120 Jin, but looks like only 45 kg. There are tips for keeping a tight figure

Introduction: Liu Tao is a very good actress, looks atmospheric, a few years ago, she did not shoot, because her husband broke and came back to film to make money, so in recent years appeared in the public vision, also known as the “national good daughter-in-law”. < / P > < p > many female stars are very concerned about their weight. In order to look good on the camera, they eat very little and try to control their weight in double digits. However, Liu Tao admitted many times in the program that her weight is 120 Jin. In the live broadcast, Jing Tian said that her weight is 98 Jin. Liu Tao said that she has 120 Jin and has never been under 100. But it seems that she is almost the same as Jing Tian and even thinner than Jing Tian. Netizens this produced a lot of questions, is not wrong, where it looks like 120 Jin people! < / P > < p > in fact, Liu Tao always keeps fit, almost all of her body is muscle, there is no excess fat, the meat is very tight, which reduces the body fat rate, so she looks very thin. And Liu Tao is 70, has given birth to two children, but also can maintain such a perfect figure, looking so young is really enviable. < / P > < p > only people who don’t keep fit care too much about the number of weight. People who keep fit never pay attention to the weight, because the real good figure is what it looks like, rather than relying on an illusory number. Liu Tao is a famous fitness goddess in the entertainment circle. She has also shown some fitness pictures on her microblog. She usually does the most and likes yoga the most. < / P > < p > nowadays, the pace of life is fast and the pressure of work is high, which leads to irritability easily. Practicing yoga can cultivate your body and mind, keep your body and mind in a state of emptiness, relieve fatigue, stretch your muscles to lose weight, and improve women’s irregular menstruation. < / P > < p > the movements of yoga are precipitated after years of research. Long term practice of yoga can exercise muscles, improve the softness of the body and improve the posture. Practicing yoga can be said to be a good choice, but we still need to pay attention to the following points. < / P > < p > it’s very important to exhale and inhale in yoga. Remember when to exhale and when to inhale. After a long time, you can find out the rules. Adjusting the breathing can make the movement more coherent and more effective for physical and mental relaxation. < / P > < p > a yoga mat can be prepared at home and at work. You can practice yoga in your spare time or when you are upset, which can cultivate your sentiment and lose weight. Here is a set of Pilates that many stars are practicing. This set of Pilates has only three simple movements. It’s very easy to learn. You can learn it in a minute. < / P > < p > now, you are only one booster away from being a goddess with perfect figure. This high-quality booster absolutely meets the quality requirements, with no peculiar smell, soft and comfortable texture, good elasticity, and anti-skid and sweat absorption. < / P > < p > conclusion: every action of yoga has its effect. It can not only reduce weight and shape, but also stimulate acupoints, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and reduce diseases. In a word, yoga is a good sport without any harm. Join the ranks of yoga as soon as possible. Good figure is not far away from you! Skip to content