Liver cancer signal: early to find 4 “clues”, may be able to save their own lives

Although cancer can be prevented and cured, it is still a “nightmare” in the hearts of the vast majority of people. Among various types of cancer, the incidence and mortality of liver cancer are relatively prominent. Many people find out that liver cancer has developed to the late stage, delaying treatment. In addition to the liver itself has no pain and strong compensatory function, it has a lot to do with the patient’s not paying enough attention to the physical abnormalities.

but in fact, any kind of cancer will leave traces when it invades the body, and liver cancer is no exception. If we can find and pay attention to the following four abnormal manifestations earlier, we may save lives at the critical time, and greatly improve the cure rate of liver cancer.

the first abnormal manifestation: gingival bleeding and epistaxis. Gingival bleeding and epistaxis seem to be small problems in many cases, but they are caused by fire or oral diseases. However, frequent bleeding may be a sign of liver disease. The function of the liver is too powerful. Besides detoxification, blood storage is one of them. In the upper body of liver cancer, the liver function will be damaged, the blood storage function will decline, and the synthesis of coagulation factors will be blocked, which will cause bleeding.

second: abdominal distension and diarrhea. This is also a common small problem in life. Most of it is related to eating bad stomach. For people with stomach disease, they may mistakenly think it is caused by stomach disease. However, if the diarrhea is not good for a long time, they should also be alert to liver disease. Because the liver is the largest metabolic organ in the body, the bile it secretes can promote the digestion of fat, liver function will decline, digestive system will be in disorder, it is easy to have diarrhea.

the third one: discoloration of eyes, yellowing of white eyes. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, liver dominates the eyes and liver cancer affects the health of the eyes. If you look in the mirror, you will find abnormal yellowing of the eyes, especially the white yellowing of the eyes. If there is no disease in the eyes, the liver is alarming in nine cases out of ten.

liver damage can be caused by yellowing of white eyes, which is mainly related to the metabolism of bilirubin. If the level of bilirubin in the body is too high, the bilirubin will penetrate into the skin tissue, and the skin will be dyed yellow. The more obvious the yellow is, the more serious the liver disease may be.

fourth: fatigue and weight loss. I believe that this is the daily feeling of many people in modern times. People will think that it is caused by excessive mental pressure, work pressure and overwork. As long as we have more rest, we should be alert to liver cancer if there is no relief after rest, or even the weight is gradually decreasing.

there are many functions of the liver. Once the liver is damaged, many physiological functions in the body are difficult to operate normally. The so-called “pulling one hair and moving the whole body” will lead to systemic symptoms. Fatigue, exhaustion, inexplicable rapid weight loss and so on are common symptoms.

if the body frequently appears these abnormalities, we must go to the screening of liver cancer as soon as possible, and pay attention to the correct screening method. Not many people think that as long as we check the liver function, liver function can not accurately diagnose liver cancer. In addition to liver function, the monitoring of B-ultrasound, CT and alpha fetoprotein level is of great significance for screening liver cancer.

especially for people who are infected with viral hepatitis, or have a family history of viral hepatitis, liver cancer, or drink for a long time, people at high risk of liver cancer need to be screened in advance and have their liver checked regularly. The earlier the discovery, the better the treatment, the longer the cure rate and survival time.

to sum up, liver cancer has a signal. If you can find the above four clues in time and screen liver cancer in time, you may save your life. Don’t pay attention to it when the liver is crying. It may be too late then. If you want to have a good liver, please don’t do anything that hurts your liver, such as staying up late for a long time, getting angry, etc. Focus