Liver is not good, the body will have two “typical performance”, the more liver poison, do not be careless!

The liver is an unknown organ, it is busy to “cook” cells every day, but also to “bathe” the blood to filter toxic substances, in addition, it has a lot of work. < / P > < p > sometimes people’s bad habits will increase the workload of the liver or damage the liver cells, but the liver does not send out pain signals like other organs, which leads to the continuous improvement of the liver. < / P > < p > food enters the body, mixes with gastric juice during digestion, and ferments in the intestine to produce gas. After gastrointestinal peristalsis, the gas in the body is discharged from the anus. < / P > < p > the red spot on the body, with a slight protuberance in the middle, protrudes around like spider legs like capillaries. This is called spider nevus, which is often distributed in the neck and face, which indicates that liver function is damaged. < / P > < p > the internal secretion of the body will follow the blood to the whole body, and then into the liver. Under normal circumstances, the liver can be inactivated and decomposed, and then converted into waste and discharged from the body. When the liver function is damaged, the garbage can not be discharged normally, and the stimulation in the blood will be increased, resulting in spider nevus in the body. But it doesn’t mean that all spider moles are related. < / P > < p > the liver carries the main detoxification task. Once there is a problem, all organs of the body may be attacked by toxins. The protein and fat in the food we eat every day also have to go through the chemical treatment of the liver in order to become needed by the human body. In a sense, there is a relationship between the liver and health < / P > < p > lack of sleep can damage your body’s organs; problems with poor sleep quality, such as snoring, can also affect the liver’s ability to repair itself at night. People who often don’t sleep well are easier than others. < / P > < p > obesity can cause liver damage, and so does excessive weight loss. Data show that women in their 20s are at a higher risk of malnutrition. The absorption of nutrients is blocked by diet or drugs, resulting in protein deficiency, low-density lipoprotein synthesis, liver transport disorders, and fat accumulation in the liver. < / P > < p > the above six kinds of liver nourishing ingredients are scientifically combined and refined into tea, 1-2 cups a day for 1-2 months, clearing liver fire, soothing liver depression and expelling liver toxin. People are more and more relaxed, have a good sleep, clean face and happy life. < / P > < p > if your eyes are dry and prone to tears, your liver may be the culprit. Dry, on behalf of liver blood deficiency; tears in the wind, on behalf of liver convergence function. < / P > < p > when your eyes are tired, close your eyes and you will get the nourishment of liver purification. Close your eyes and breathe. Gently press the eyelids with your index finger. Rub your eyes gently until they are red and swollen. < / P > < p > turning the neck, gently tapping the neck muscles, working for one hour, can relieve muscle fatigue and improve the blood oxygen supply of the brain. The brain wakes up a lot instantly, also have certain influence to neurasthenia. < / P > < p > remember to keep your head still, just move your eyes. After 10 turns, reverse 10 turns can effectively eliminate eye fatigue and improve vision. 20