Long life span of men, basically in line with the “2 slow, 1 small” characteristics, even if accounted for a good

Longevity is an eternal pursuit. With the improvement of living standards, medicine and society are also getting more and more progress. The wish of longevity is gradually realized. However, it is not difficult to find that most of the elderly living around are women, while few men live long, which is mainly related to living habits. Men into the 45 year old is a high-risk period of life, coupled with excessive mental pressure, will accelerate the aging speed. Whether a man has a long life span can be seen from the physical symptoms, as long as it is in line with 2 slow and 1 small, congratulations on your body is still very young. < p > < p > eating slowly is not grinding, but a way to keep fit. Chew carefully when eating, can let food and saliva combine fully, can reduce the burden of stomach and intestines, help digestion and absorption of food. The gastrointestinal function of middle-aged men is reduced. If they gobble at meals, it will increase the burden of stomach and intestines, which will lead to obesity and even gastrointestinal diseases. It can improve digestion and absorption capacity, delay postprandial blood sugar rise, and is conducive to health and longevity. < p > < p > when men enter middle age, people with slow heart rate live longer. Because the heart rate is too fast, can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, life-threatening. Therefore, the heart rate of middle-aged men will be a little bit slower after entering the middle age. < / P > < p > observe carefully that the middle-aged men around them are more or less beer belly, because they have more social intercourse, smoke and drink a lot, coupled with the lack of exercise, the metabolic rate is reduced, and it is easy to make fat accumulate in the abdomen. Abdominal obesity can cause a variety of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, fatty liver, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and heart diseases. As long as the middle-aged male stomach is small, congratulations on your good health. < / P > < p > men have to face large and small social intercourse, and their diet is not controlled or regular, which is bound to affect their health. Men need to adjust the diet structure, eat less fried and barbecue food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, bean products and dairy products, control the total calorie intake, and eat only 7-8 points full per meal. < / P > < p > because men have a lot of work pressure, they will release the pressure by smoking and drinking. However, alcohol and harmful substances in tobacco can directly damage the body cells and increase the risk of lung cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Therefore, in order to live a long and healthy life, the first time to quit smoking and alcohol. However, there is a lot of anxiety and anxiety in middle-aged men. Men need to adjust a good attitude, cultivate a broad mind, do not care about trifles. It is important to make money, but health is the most important thing. < / P > < p > after men enter middle age, their body organs gradually decline, and their physical strength and energy are not as good as before. They should learn to combine work with rest, and should not let their bodies be too tired. They should do basic physical examination at least once a year. In addition, we should pay attention to the importance of high-quality sleep. Only in the process of sleep can the damaged cells be repaired. Therefore, we need to ensure enough sleep. We must fall asleep before 23 o’clock. In addition, we can not lack of exercise, keep scientific and regular exercise, can reduce weight, prevent a variety of chronic diseases. Information sharing for epilepsy patients