Long meat “the most fierce” five staple food, fried dough sticks is nothing, after watching the top of the list, don’t act willfully

Now is the era of “thin for beauty”. Most female friends want to keep their figure symmetrical, not only can highlight their own beauty, but also contribute to health. Some women in pursuit of a slim body, will diet to lose weight, but this extreme way is not conducive to health.

if you want to lose weight successfully, you must choose the right food intake. In order to lose weight successfully, some people will choose to omit the staple food directly. In fact, this will lead to insufficient intake of nutrients and increase the risk of disease.

staple food is completely edible during weight loss, but we must avoid the following kinds of staple food, because the heat contained in it is comparable to drinking oil. We advise you not to act willfully. Some people think that the high fat content of fried dough sticks will lead to obesity, but in the real master most cute host list, fried dough sticks are not on the list.

in fact, people who like to eat fried cold skin are more likely to lead to excessive calorie intake and increase the risk of obesity. Moreover, cold skin is made of flour, which contains high starch. If you want to keep a good figure, please stop talking.

some people especially like to eat fried noodles in their daily life. Fried noodles are chewy, and the vegetables and meat they match are also rich, which makes many people prefer not to eat.

but the heat content of fried noodles is relatively high, in addition to the oil and high temperature required in the frying process, as well as various side dishes, the heat of fried noodles is seriously exceeded.

some people especially like to eat egg pancakes. It’s really delicious to eat, but the seemingly healthy food contains high fat.

the most obvious thing about egg pancakes is that they have a layer of fat. If you are losing weight, it may lead to excessive fat intake, which is also one of the most vigorous staple foods for growing meat.

dumplings are a kind of traditional food. Although they are small in size, they have very high calories. Usually, many people like to eat dumplings filled with pork and scallion.

relevant research shows that eating dumplings has more calories than rice. About 20 grams of dumplings has 50 calories, which can only be consumed after half an hour of exercise.

about 10 dumplings are eaten per meal, and the intake of calories exceeds the standard seriously, which may even lead to the body getting fatter and fatter. I advise you to shut up and stop acting willfully.

many people like to eat meat buns, which are delicious with a cup of porridge. However, the meat buns contain a surprising amount of calories, up to more than 200 calories, and it takes a long time to exercise to consume them.

during weight loss, you can choose the right food to help you burn fat, especially the following three kinds of food, which can help speed up the burning of fat, keep a good figure, and slim down a small waist.

wax gourd is a kind of food material that is often eaten in our daily life. It contains high nutritional components, which has the effect of diuresis and detumescence, and helps to discharge excess toxins and garbage from the body.

no matter it is rich in propanol, diacid can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat and avoid fat accumulation. Moreover, wax gourd is also known as a gourd oil expert. It can help promote the excretion of toxic waste and make your small waist appear quietly.

some people think it’s more troublesome to eat wax gourd. In fact, they can also drink some white gourd and lotus leaf tea, which can help to speed up the burning of fat, contribute to the success of weight reduction, and help to remove the damp and cold Qi in the body and maintain a good figure.

female friends during weight loss can also eat some konjac. Magic land is known as a natural oil scraping master, because it contains rich glucomannan, can enhance satiety, reduce high calorie food intake.

konjac can also improve gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the metabolism of toxins and garbage in the body, accelerate the combustion and decomposition of fat in the body, better scrape oil and burn fat, and maintain a good figure.

sweet potato is a kind of coarse food which is often eaten. It is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Eating some sweet potato often can help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body.

sweet potato has a strong sense of protection. It can reduce the intake of high calorie food and achieve the effect of weight loss and weight loss. Therefore, women in the period of weight loss can often eat a little, which is more helpful to maintain a good figure and slim out a small waist. 08/16/2020