Long term smoking you, if there are five physical problems, advise you to quit smoking

In life, there are always some people who love cigarettes. When the addiction comes, you must smoke a cigarette to relieve it. It is well known that smoking is harmful to health. There are many harmful substances in tobacco, especially in

cigarettes. If you smoke for a long time, carcinogens will stimulate tumor cells in the lung, and then develop into cancer. It can be said that half of lung cancer is related to long-term smoking. However, because nicotine is lazy, it is difficult for many people Quit, if the following situations occur when smoking, it indicates that the body has been damaged by tobacco, and it is necessary to quit smoking immediately to ensure their own health.

when smoking, there will be abnormal heart rate symptoms, and even feel flustered. If this happens, you should give up smoking in time. This is because people who smoke will inhale carbon monoxide, which will reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. In addition, the role of cigarette tar will lead to arrhythmia and overload of the heart, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart.

if you often smoke, some harmful substances in tobacco will directly harm the immune function of the human body, resulting in poor immunity of patients. Especially in the case of changing seasons in autumn and winter, it is particularly easy to catch a cold and have a fever. This is a phenomenon that the immune function of the human body can not play its role, thus leading to human diseases.

if you smoke for a long time, your appetite will decrease. The most important reason is that the stimulation of cigarette to the body is too great. In addition, if you smoke for a long time, your mouth and taste will also suffer great damage, which will cause slow taste, resulting in poor appetite and reduced food intake.

if chest tightness and shortness of breath occur, it is also likely that lung damage will be caused by smoking for a long time. Because the nicotine, tar and other chemicals in tobacco are carcinogenic, easy to cause harm to the human lung, and then reduce the function of the lung, patients will have chest tightness and shortness of breath and other discomfort, if chest tightness and shortness of breath do not immediately stop smoking, then the later period is likely to develop into chest pain.

smoking for a long time can also cause some brain diseases, because smoking can affect the oxygen supply function of the brain, and even cause cerebral vasospasm, thus causing cerebral vascular occlusion. Scientific research has found that people who smoke for a long time are three times more likely to have a stroke than those who do not smoke.

Although smoking does not cause immediate damage to the body, it will devour the human body bit by bit. When smoking, if the body produces the above symptoms, it is necessary to give up smoking in time, especially for those who have been smoking for decades. In the process of quitting smoking, we also need a very strong willpower. We should not give up halfway and resist the temptation 。

when the addiction comes, you can eat some candy to divert your attention, and you can also exercise properly to enhance your immunity. When you succeed in quitting smoking, you will feel that your breath will be smoother, you won’t cough, your skin will become glossy and elastic, your brain’s ability to think and respond will become stronger, and people will become more energetic. PARRENT&CHILDREN