Look at your face to know whether your liver is good or not, three characteristics will “betray” you, check in time, don’t delay

Liver is the official of a general, which means liver is a general. Liver has the courage, calmness and wisdom of a general. The liver is the largest internal organ and detoxification organ of the human body. It can resist the invasion of foreign toxins. When the pressure is too high, it will react alertly in the body to help. < / P > < p > there are many kinds of yellow complexion, we need to learn to identify. The first may be caused by too much carotene recently eaten, such as pumpkin, orange, mango, carrot, etc. These carotenes are not fully absorbed by the human body, and will gather on the epidermis. The yellow staining of palms and soles of feet is more obvious, and will subside after stopping eating for a period of time. The second possibility is that people who stay up late for a long time and are tired, physically weak and cold, face the computer or have a bad mood are prone to endocrine disorders, toxin accumulation and meridian blockage, leading to yellowing and darkening. The third kind of liver function damage, long-term smoking and drinking aggravate the liver workload, can not let the liver relax, have a good rest at night, face yellow, dark, long spots with urine yellow, long-term does not subside this kind of people can go to the hospital to check the liver function, early guard against cirrhosis, hepatitis and so on. < / P > < p > yellow eyes must be vigilant. Under normal circumstances, few people have yellow eyes, even if they are tired, they will only have red blood. The sudden yellowing of the normal white part of the eye is probably related to liver lesions. When the eyes turn yellow, urine turns yellow and skin turns yellow after drinking a lot of water, the “three yellow” symptoms appear at the same time, which may be related to liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer. There are also some elderly patients with aging, increased thickness around the eyeball, yellow fat around the orbit there is a small amount of precipitation, is a special physiological phenomenon, do not affect daily life, do not need to pay too much attention to treatment. < / P > < p > dark circles are very common among the younger generation. Are all the people with dark circles suffering from liver diseases? There are many reasons for the formation of dark circles, one reason: congenital factors, some people come from with dark circles, eye skin congenital dark, this kind of people do not have to worry too much, your body is healthy; reason two: long stay up late, irregular sleep, lack of sleep will slow down blood flow, breathing will slow down, lack of oxygen in the body, contains too much carbon dioxide, blood loss The color of the skin will be darker, which makes the whole person look darker. The blood circulation of the eyes is the slowest, so the subcutaneous blood is darker and the dark circles are more obvious. After a week’s adjustment, it will recover. Reason 3: life has been very regular, enough sleep, only recently dark circles obvious, can not subside, to go to the hospital for examination. < / P > < p > the above three features are all the signal lights for the liver to ask for help. When liver disease comes, we should learn to protect the liver, drink more water, promote blood circulation, speed up liver metabolism, exercise regularly, enhance body resistance, do not stay up late, do not smoke, do not drink, refuse to take out and stay up late. If you don’t have the above three conditions, Congratulations, your liver is very healthy, keep it. Focus