Lotus selected Jizhou white lotus, strong antioxidant capacity to resist age erosion

It is understood that the concept of vegan skin care has existed for a long time. Under the promotion of many years, the concept of vegan skin care has stood out from natural cosmetics since about 2010. With the improvement of consumers’ attention to skin health, the enhancement of consumers’ awareness of body purification and detoxification, and the growth of the global sensitive skin population, vegan skin care has attracted more and more attention.

with the upgrading of consumption, people have a higher pursuit for the quality of life. Therefore, in the field of cosmetics, global consumers are more and more consistent in their choices. They prefer those healthy, natural and safe natural cosmetics to beautify their skin, According to relevant reports, the proportion of people with sensitive muscles in the world has reached as high as one-third, which makes the pure skin care gradually become one of the mainstream products in the current global beauty market.

among them, the pure lotus brand from Jeju Island of South Korea has become the leader among them. It is reported that the pure lotus originated from Jeju Island, South Korea, and is the only Korean skin care brand with lotus as its theme. Lotus leaf extract is also very different. It is extracted from the millennium old temple fahua Temple of Jizhou white lotus with the exclusive essence technology.

there are only 360 strains of Jizhou white lotus. Their antioxidant capacity is more excellent than ordinary lotus flowers, which makes the skin stay young and shining. At present, only the pure lotus has obtained the qualification of developing white lotus in Jeju and obtained the skin care product certification Jeju certificate issued by the government of Jeju Island. In addition, lotus also strictly uses cGMP certification facilities, and has obtained the European certification for product safety assurance – European certification.

is worth mentioning that THE PURE LOTUS has landed on the Tmall beauty makeup platform. The products currently on the shelves are dozens of products including three beauty products, including hair care, hair care and lifestyle, including Jeju Island lotus plant spray series, essence series, hair care series, etc.

Nowadays, the popularity of Puritanism in the world is the general trend. The pure lotus not only sells well overseas, but also continues to grow in China. Its product strength and brand power have been fully verified by the market. 08/16/2020