Lu Minfang won the “top 10 Chinese economic news figures in 2020”

On October 28, the president of science and technology of Shaoxing group, Mr. Lu minping, the president of the science and technology group of Zhejiang Province, and other important figures, such as Yuan Minfu, the president of the science and technology group of Zhejiang Province, will hold a conference on economic and social development of China in October 2020.

as one of the leading members of China’s dairy industry, Lu Minfang led Mengniu Group to take “little nutrition, bloom every life” as its mission, and in accordance with the vision of “grassland cattle, world cattle, global favorite, nutrition 2 billion consumers”, gather global high-quality dairy resources, serve consumers with high-quality dairy products, promote China’s dairy industry towards high-quality development, and help in the global value chain To enlarge the volume of China’s dairy industry.

“China economic news competition and economic news personage selection” is the only economic news award of China’s press, which is sponsored by China Economic Media Association. Among them, the selection of economic news figures is an authoritative selection project recommended and evaluated by mainstream economic media. It takes the data generated by media reports as an important reference, and comprehensively considers the influence, innovation, contribution and social responsibility of the characters. After preliminary evaluation, layer by layer re evaluation and final evaluation, 10 “2020 Chinese economic news figures” were finally selected, which had high gold content.

as the leader of China’s dairy industry, Lu Minfang, since taking office in 2016, has promoted the stable development of China’s dairy industry on the road of high-quality development, and led China’s dairy industry to continuously penetrate the global value chain.

in the 2020 “top 20 global dairy industry” list released by Rabobank, Mengniu has been included in the list for 12 consecutive years by focusing on high-end, high-quality strategy and forward-looking strategy of accelerating digital transformation, and has risen two places to become the world’s top 8 camp. At the same time, in the top 10 list of global dairy farming in 2019 released by IFCN, Mengniu’s strategic investment in modern animal husbandry and Shengmu high tech in recent years ranked second and ninth respectively. This indicates that China’s dairy industry represented by Mengniu has entered the first camp in the world from breeding to processing.

Lu Minfang, as the spokesman of China’s dairy industry, has been elected as a director or high-level member of several important international organizations, such as the International Dairy Federation, the global dairy forum, the Chinese board of directors of the global consumer goods forum, and the Business Council of the world Economic Forum. He has represented Chinese dairy enterprises in the governance of global dairy affairs, practiced global responsibilities, and enlarged China’s dairy industry It has contributed Chinese wisdom to the sustainable development of global dairy industry. Novel coronavirus pneumonia surge high and sweep forward. Under the special background of the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, Mengniu, under the leadership of Lu Minfang, took the lead in the role of the leading dairy enterprises to issue a promise of “not rejecting a drop of milk”. The epidemic prevention and control and two resumption were not the same, leading China’s dairy industry to create a great ”

epidemic”. Mengniu’s responsibilities and actions have attracted international attention. Judith Bryans, President of the International Dairy Federation, praised the outstanding performance of Mengniu Group and other Chinese dairy enterprises in fighting against the epidemic and maintaining the stability of the industrial chain. “I am proud of the leadership of Chinese dairy peers, and the international community is grateful for your excellent work.”

speaking for China’s dairy industry on the international stage, Lu Minfang is also committed to the high-level construction of the industrial chain. At this year’s “two sessions” of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Lu Minfang, as a deputy to the people’s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, put forward two suggestions: “accelerating the construction of China’s dairy industrial park, helping the” China’s milk capital “to move forward to the” world’s milk capital “and” promoting the construction of dairy supply chain platform to help revitalize China’s dairy industry “, which triggered a heated discussion among the delegates.

the construction of “China Dairy Industrial Park” will help China’s dairy industry to seize the highlands of cutting-edge scientific research and development, advanced intelligent manufacturing, international trading platform, organization and talent. The construction of these four “highlands” means that China’s dairy industry will, with the strength and status of being equal with other developed dairy countries, voice its voice on the world stage with more confidence, drive China’s dairy industry to integrate global resources, integrate related industries, gather senior talents, realize the cooperation of the whole industry chain, and decode the breakthrough path of high-quality development.

at the enterprise level, Lu Minfang promoted Mengniu to deeply engrave high-quality development into the whole dairy industry chain from the source of fresh milk to product processing and then to terminal circulation, so that consumers can enjoy the whole chain of safe products “from grass to milk cup”. In the source ranch, Mengniu has fully realized intensive and large-scale breeding and digital management; in the processing link, Mengniu has established a scientific closed-loop quality control system, enabling all hundreds of thousands of inspection equipment in the country to realize online data collection and analysis; in terms of circulation and sales, Mengniu has covered more and more areas with cold chain through self construction and cooperation New and safer delivery of products to consumers. These digital high-quality development measures rarely seen in the world have made Mengniu maintain double-digit growth in recent years. The jury said that “leading the digital transformation and upgrading of global industries” is the world development vision of Mengniu Group President Lu Minfang.

under the leadership of Lu Minfang, Mengniu incorporated social responsibility into the group’s development strategy, kept in mind the original intention of giving back to the society, and gave full play to its industrial advantages. In the fields of industrial poverty alleviation, nutrition poverty alleviation, targeted poverty alleviation, social public welfare assistance, epidemic prevention and control and material donation this year, Mengniu has been steadfastly practicing corporate social responsibility and contributing to social development.

in this year’s epidemic prevention and control work, Mengniu has played an exemplary role in the dairy industry and even the whole consumer goods industry. At the “2020 5th Chinese corporate citizen 520 responsible Brand Summit”, Mengniu was awarded the “2020 top 60 responsible brands of Chinese corporate citizens” by virtue of its outstanding contributions in fighting against the epidemic situation, targeted poverty alleviation, social welfare and sustainable development. In October this year, the Fifth Council of China Charity Federation awarded Lu Minfang honorary vice president to recognize the outstanding contributions he and Mengniu Group have made in poverty alleviation and national epidemic prevention and control. At the 16th China corporate social responsibility forum, Lu Minfang was elected the person of the year.

when talking about the social responsibility of Mengniu, Lu Minfang said, “Mengniu has achieved both” war epidemic “and” poverty alleviation “. At the same time of actively “fighting epidemic”, Mengniu has comprehensively helped to win the battle of poverty alleviation. Centering on the core of “leading farmers with milk”, Mengniu promotes the integration of dairy industry chain into regional economic development. With the “3 + X” precise poverty alleviation mode of “industrial poverty alleviation + nutrition poverty alleviation + targeted poverty alleviation + diversified assistance”, it helps poor households share the dividend of industrial chain, and promotes the skills improvement and employment of farmers and herdsmen.

since its establishment 21 years ago, Mengniu has always been practicing the need of returning warm society with industrial development. As Lu Minfang said, “at the critical moment, we should be able to catch up, withstand, rely on responsibility, and rely on strength. Actively performing social responsibility is the essence of adhering to shared development. ” And such a development concept will also help China’s dairy industry to further step up the road of high-level and high-quality development. PARRENT&CHILDREN