Lung cancer “culprit” was found, do more people, lung injury, cancer risk

For patients with lung disease, lung cancer is a disease they fear. There are many reasons for people suffering from lung cancer. If you don’t want to be entangled by lung cancer, you should understand the causes early and avoid it as soon as possible. Let’s talk about it today. What are the factors leading to lung cancer? < / P > < p > first, smoking. People who often smoke have a much higher risk of lung cancer than those who don’t smoke. In real life, there are still many smokers. Most of the time, it may be rare to see a case of lung disease immediately after smoking. Many people think that their health is relatively healthy, and there will be no lung disease if they smoke. Think if it happened, it would have happened earlier, not so late. It is true that everyone’s physical condition is different. Smoking is harmful to health, and it can’t be achieved overnight. It is like a drop of water, slowly accumulated, into a river, into the sea, the same reason can be obtained, smoking everyone, the onset of lung disease time is not the same. So smoking friends, must give up smoking, do not think that smoking is harmful to health is a wrong statement. According to the survey, most of the “culprits” of lung cancer are smoking. There are many smokers, which can easily cause lung injury and increase the risk of cancer among smoking friends. < / P > < p > Second, family inheritance. In the current medicine, it is not clear that parents with lung cancer will be inherited to their children, but in some clinical data, it can be found that many parents with lung cancer, the probability of children suffering from cancer is much higher than that of children without lung cancer. If your parents have lung cancer, be sure to have a regular check-up. Third, harmful gases. In life, there are many harmful gases, such as haze, second-hand smoke, lampblack, chemical gases and so on. If you often breathe these harmful gases, it will cause lung disease. These harmful gases can cause damage to the mucous membrane of the lung, which may lead to the occurrence of lung inflammation and lung diseases. In the long run, if left alone, lung disease will be aggravated and the incidence of lung cancer will be greatly increased. Therefore, in peacetime, we must stay away from these harmful gases, like smoking friends do not smoke at home. When cooking, you should turn on the lampblack machine and smoke the cooking oil. When choosing the living environment, try to keep the neighborhood of your home away from the place with high pollution. < / P > < p > Fourth, chronic lung. People with chronic lung disease, the probability of suffering from lung cancer, is much higher than that of friends who do not have the disease, such as tuberculosis, if not treated, serious will cause lung cancer. People with chronic lung disease must be actively treated to block lung cancer outside the door. < / P > < p > small things in life can affect the health of friends. If you often smoke, absorb harmful gases, have chronic lung diseases, and have a family history of lung cancer, then lung health will be greatly affected. Therefore, we must pay attention to these small things at ordinary times. PARRENT&CHILDREN