Lung cancer patients prone to a variety of symptoms in autumn, 4 aspects of good care, stable condition does not worsen

In autumn, the temperature will obviously decrease and the rainfall will decrease. At this time, the humidity of the air will obviously decrease. The weather will become dry, which will easily damage the lungs. If it is lung cancer patients, the lung itself has a certain degree of dysfunction, often there will be a lot of concurrent symptoms. The most common is dry mouth, dry cough, dry skin and other symptoms. However, due to lung cancer, some lung cancer patients may have hemoptysis. If not well handled, it is likely to cause long-term hemoptysis. < / P > < p > due to the influence of cancer, most lung cancer patients will have more or less digestive tract problems. In autumn, they will have obvious loss of appetite. At this time, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance of the digestive tract to ensure their health. If the function of the digestive tract appears obvious abnormalities, it is likely to lead to the decline of body resistance, malnutrition, also make a large number of cancer cell growth. If the patients with lung cancer want to maintain the digestive tract through diet, they still need to adhere to it for a long time, patiently and steadily, otherwise progress in a short period of time is likely to increase the burden of the digestive tract. < / P > < p > in autumn, the temperature began to decrease significantly, so most people should do a good job of keeping warm. Patients with lung cancer must say that they can not be affected by cold air, so they must protect their bodies in daily life. Cancer patients, the body’s resistance is not as good as ordinary people, so, in keeping warm, we should pay attention to the local warmth, the best is not to expose the feet, because the feet are far from the heart, which belongs to the low body temperature, if stimulated by the cold, it is likely to lead to severe impact on the body. Often will induce a variety of respiratory diseases, not conducive to lung cancer patients control symptoms. < / P > < p > most people know that daily foot soaking can help improve the body’s resistance. This is mainly because it can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism in a certain period of time, which can ensure that feet are not affected by cold for a period of time. At the same time, it can also alleviate the fatigue of patients. If patients with severe lung cancer, they can consider long-term foot soaking to promote the blood circulation of the body, so as to improve the immune function. < / P > < p > although most lung cancer patients have lung injury, but some patients still do not affect the normal exercise and life, so conditional lung cancer patients can properly carry out some aerobic exercise, in the premise of not damaging the lung, can effectively prevent disease in the autumn. Dry and dry in autumn can easily affect the lung. Therefore, lung cancer patients need to pay more attention to whether they are living or eating. The food for nourishing and moistening the lung is naturally the best. If there is no condition, we should also pay attention not to eat the food that damages the lung. 08/16/2020