Lung favorite “a kind of water”, not pig lung soup, if you like to drink, Runfei Yangfei, lung clean as before

When it comes to smoking, many people will think of lung injury. Indeed, the lung is an important respiratory organ of the human body, and tobacco contains a large number of harmful substances such as nicotine and tar, which will enter the lungs, blood vessels and other parts of the body with the smoke inhaled! And harmful substances will adhere to the lungs, making gas exchange blocked. The kitchen is an important place in the family, but many people may not imagine that cooking fumes can also damage the lungs, and the harm is no less than smoking. < / P > < p > they all say that “anger hurts the liver, and worries about the lung” are connected. Excessive sadness and sentimentality will hurt the lung, resulting in shortness of breath, dry cough and other symptoms. < / P > < p > when these symptoms appear in the body, it is necessary to pay attention to nourishing the lungs. When it comes to raising the lung, you will first think of the pig lung, which is shaped to supplement the shape. Indeed, the pig lung enters the lung meridian and has the effect of relieving cough and tonifying the lung. Lung likes “a kind of water” most, not pig lung soup. If you like to drink it, moisten the lung and nourish the lung. The lung is as clean as ever. < / P > < p > the materials mainly come from the small classic prescription of moistening the lung and nourishing the lung, including loquat fruit, tremella fuciformis, orange red, Platycodon grandiflorum, yam, licorice, Yuzhu, lotus seed, jujube, medlar, etc., and drink with boiling water. The material is more complex, no, you can also choose the tea bag with the same formula, which can clear lung heat, stop cough, nourish lung and throat, dissipate phlegm and moisten dryness, and expel lung toxin. < / P > < p > loquat fruit can moisten the lung and relieve cough, which can be used as medicine or food; Tremella fuciformis can nourish yin and moisten the lung; orange red contains orange red, coumarin can clear lung heat toxin and relieve cough and phlegm; Platycodon grandiflorum can release lung qi and regulate qi, and it can also be used as medicine or food. < / P > < p > it is suitable for people who often smoke, long-term exposure to dust and lampblack, or those who are dry and easy to get on fire in autumn. You can drink more, wash your lungs, clean up lung garbage, stop cough and moisten dryness, and nourish and moisten the lungs. Information sharing for epilepsy patients