Lung good or not, stretch out a finger to see to know, finger has change, want to do a check to lung

Lung health is still the most concerned topic of people at present. General smokers will lead to lung health damage, cough, bad throat, and other physical symptoms, which will affect human health. Of course, will lead to lung health hazards far more than smoking so simple, but also kitchen fumes, air pollution, working environment will bring lung hazards. When the lung is injured, the body will show some symptoms. Finger changes are also one of the reactions to lung health problems. If you have the following symptoms, you need to have a lung examination. < / P > < p > every organ in the body is connected, in our finger abdomen is connected to many veins in our body, the reflex area of the lung is in the thumb area. So thumb changes can be a good way to identify changes in lung health. Generally, the thumb of people with healthy lungs is very full and elastic. On the contrary, if there is a problem with lung health, the thumb will become shriveled and inelastic. If this symptom persists for a long time, it is necessary to protect our lungs. < / P > < p > cold hands and feet is a problem that many people will have, especially when the weather suddenly becomes cold. This phenomenon is particularly obvious, but have you ever thought that it may be related to your health. The vast majority of people appear cold hands and feet, even after warmth is still ineffective, it may be caused by the body’s blood circulation is not smooth. Under normal circumstances, our fingers will not change color. But if they are found, their hands and feet will easily become cold, and purple, joint pain. So we should be alert to the early warning of the possible lung problems to the human body. The lungs affect blood circulation, so that’s what happens. < / P > < p > stretch out your fingers to see if your fingers have pestle like fingers. Clubbing refers to the abnormal blood circulation caused by lung problems, blood can not be transported to all parts of the body in time, especially the fingers will appear lesions, forming clubbing fingers. Pestle finger is due to chronic hypoxia caused by abnormal thick, finger suture is very obvious, joint swelling. Look at your fingers. If you have this kind of symptom, you should pay attention to it. It is very likely that there is something wrong with your lungs. You need to have a lung examination and treatment in time. < / P > < p > 1. Keep healthy living habits, do not smoke, do not drink, because the harm of tobacco and alcohol to the body is the most direct, so far away from tobacco and alcohol is the first step of lung protection. < / P > < p > 2, try not to go to the environment with poor air quality, because the air quality is poor, there are more harmful substances in the air, so it will cause great harm to the lungs if it is inhaled into the human body, especially some housewives need to pay attention to, in addition to second-hand smoke, there are also kitchen fumes can cause cancer. < / P > < p > 3. Pay attention to keep warm and supplement nutrition. Insufficient nutrition is a major factor leading to deficiency of Qi and blood, so supplement nutrition is also very important, which is very effective for lung health. < / P > < p > 4. To cultivate interests and hobbies, young people can play ball games, take part in some running activities, and older people can play Tai Chi, do square dance, or take a walk, which are beneficial to the healthy development of the lungs, promote blood circulation, and prevent adverse phenomena in the body. < / P > < p > the above is what doctors want to share with you today. Health is everyone’s capital. If there is a problem in health, it’s a big deal. So once you find that you have physical problems, timely medical examination is the best choice. Focus