Lung is bad, face prophet? People with good lungs generally don’t have four kinds of “Ugliness” on their faces. May you have none

The lung is the source of the body to maintain breathing and the operation of Qi and blood. Only when the lung purifies the air can we breathe smoothly. It is the oxygen supply machine for the major organs of the body. But the health of the lung is facing a variety of tests, the more common harm is that smoking and air pollution bring a variety of lung diseases.

the lung is responsible for transporting oxygen and promoting blood circulation. When there is no abnormality in the lung, our body’s Qi and blood will flow smoothly and our face will be ruddy and shiny. When the lung lesions will appear in the opposite state, the face will become dark, revealing the phenomenon of blackening, and the facial skin is dry and peeling.

the most obvious change seen from a person’s face is actually the lips. The color of the lips can reflect whether a person is healthy or not. After catching a cold, the color of the lips is obviously deepened. And the lung is not good, once the lip color changes, and slowly turned purple and black phenomenon, we should be alert to the reaction caused by the lack of lung function.

the nose is the external interface in our respiratory system. When it breathes in unclean air, it will gradually invade the trachea and lungs. Once the lung accumulates too much toxin to cause lesions, then lesions will appear from the trachea to the nose. Daily more common is tracheitis and rhinitis, or the phenomenon of black nose.

the lungs mainly supply Qi and blood to nourish hair. When the lungs are healthy, our hair will be full of vitality, soft and black. However, if the lung is not good, the hair will be dull, scorched and easy to fall. This is because the lung function is persecuted, resulting in the lack of Qi and blood, and our eyebrows will also be sparse and fall.

a small golden prescription for nourishing lung recorded in Chinese medicine, orange green fruit tea, is composed of orange, licorice, mint, green fruit, Siraitia grosvenorii, etc. The tea water can clear lung, moisten lung, resolve phlegm and stop cough, remove rubbish toxin in lung and wash lung clean.

tangerine contains coumarin, tangerine, etc., which can enter the lung to clear lung fire, dissipate heat and cough, regulate qi and remove phlegm; green fruit contains flavonoids, etc., which can eliminate inflammation, inhibit bacteria, generate fluid and moisten the lung; Siraitia grosvenorii can clear lung fire, dissipate heat and toxin, expel lung toxin, liquorice can clear heat and toxin, expel phlegm and expel lung toxin, mint can cool and moisten the lung, moisten lung and remove dryness.

the lungs need to exercise all the time to provide oxygen. When there are abnormal lungs, people should keep light exercise to maintain the vitality of the lungs, improve the vital capacity and increase the detoxification function. Daily can choose outdoor morning running or swimming exercise.

people with unhealthy lungs should give up smoking and drinking, and should not eat unclean food, such as smoked meat, crayfish or other pickled food. You can often eat sugar cane and horseshoe soup, pig lung and radish soup, pig lung and lotus root soup, pig blood, rock sugar stewed Sydney, etc.

conclusion: keeping lungs healthy is inseparable from usual protection. Daily attention should be paid to keep away from the place where dust particles are produced. Windows should be opened at home for ventilation. It should not be close to the kitchen where tea is being cooked. Besides, it is necessary to quit smoking or keep away from second-hand smoke. Wear a dust mask when you go out and clean your nose when you go home. 08/16/2020