Lung is bad, how should go to raise lung? Respiratory doctors give advice, maybe try

In the past, the air quality was better and people breathed better. But with the continuous development of society, the process of industrialization is more and more deep, many areas have been air pollution, people’s living environment every day is relatively poor, it is easy to damage the lungs. Respiratory doctors also met a lot of people who don’t smoke but have bad lungs. Lung has been the problem that people should pay attention to.

the first suggestion is to avoid lung injury and stay away from contaminated places. If you want to raise your lung, you should avoid hurting it. Many habits in life can cause lung damage, such as frequent smoking, cooking without range hood, haze weather without mask, these habits may cause greater lung damage. Even if you eat more food to raise your lungs, it’s difficult to raise your lungs well at the same time.

so the first thing to do is to stay away from these lung injuries. Smokers should give up smoking as soon as possible. It is very important that cooks and cookers should turn on the range hood during the whole process of cooking, so as to avoid a large amount of smoke inhalation into the lung and damage the lung cells. If you go to places with poor air quality in haze weather, you should have the habit of wearing masks, which may largely avoid dust inhalation and make it more hygienic.

the second suggestion is to exercise the lungs and nourish them by breathing strongly. The lung is mainly responsible for people’s breathing. People with poor lung will have poor breathing and gasp after a small amount of exercise. This time, you can first exercise some lungs, and then a certain amount of exercise.

for example, take regular deep breathing after getting up every morning. Each time you take a deep breath, about 3-4 seconds, you feel that your chest is slowly filled with gas. After holding your breath for 1-2 seconds, you slowly exhale the gas. This can help the lung to exchange gas and exercise the lung to better breathe. You can also lie flat on the bed and put a small pillow with a little weight on your stomach. Exhale hard, hold the pillow up, then inhale slowly to let the pillow down. This way, five minutes at a time, can also exercise the lungs.

the third suggestion is to eat and nourish the lung. Autumn is the most suitable season for lung, not only because of the cool weather in autumn, but also because there are a lot of food in autumn that can moisten and nourish the lung. Such as yam, with yam and millet and other ingredients together with porridge, can help moisten the lung. Lily, tremella and Sydney soup is also a good lung moistening food. These three kinds of food are all lung clearing and lung moistening. Stewing together is not only suitable for all ages, but also can moisten and nourish the lung while eating.

pomegranate and persimmon in autumn are also good ingredients for producing body fluid, relieving thirst, moistening lung and nourishing lung. Pomegranate is rich in juice. Whether you drink it directly or after boiling, it can help to produce fluid and quench thirst. Pomegranate also has a good effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It can’t be better for people who are often thirsty to eat pomegranate. There are persimmons can also cough, phlegm cough people can eat fresh persimmons to help ease, persimmon cream on the persimmon cake can also heat Runfei.

the respiratory doctor suggests that you can try these methods in autumn, which is very helpful for nourishing the lung and strengthening the lung. Only when the lungs are strong, can we breathe better, and the human body can be more energetic because of sufficient oxygen. The lung is also one of the defense lines of the body. People with poor lung may have a try. It’s time to cultivate the lung. HEALTHY LIFE