Make up fans kiss so hot “half honey, half hurt”, make-up is also very normal

During this period of time, the little sweet drama is really a wave not flat, a wave again, not out of the sweet, but also into the two-way secret love “trap”. Even if the high sweetness, actors are also a high face value, “workplace show” drama let netizens praise.

Joana, played by Zhao Yuanyuan, is a female devil in the workplace in the play. She has outstanding appearance and hot figure. She is very careful in makeup and dressing, and does not allow any mistakes. She has always maintained her ability and atmosphere. When you see the female Lord Jiang Jun’s make-up, you will also remind her in time. Just as she said in the play, investment banking is like a battlefield, so you should keep the best state at will.

good image management is a kind of respect for others and yourself. Proper make-up and proper dressing will add to your career. Of course, not only make-up, make-up effect to be appropriate, do not take off make-up is also a kind of etiquette.

the mottled base make-up can be regarded as a disaster for women in the workplace. The requirements for base make-up in the workplace are very high. There are a lot of tips to appear energetic and energetic. We judge the quality of a base make-up, usually from the makeup effect, the degree of skin contact, the color difference of neck and face, the makeup effect of holding makeup and natural feeling has become the primary choice of most working women.

as a female devil in the workplace, Joana is naturally perfect for all-weather standby on the base makeup. Her bottom make-up has a fluffy fog effect, which is more textural than the popular glossy muscle. If you want to have a perfect base make-up, you need to do the following things first:

if you want a light base make-up, the texture before makeup or isolation can’t be ignored. There are always people who think that heavy moisturizing before makeup is good. In fact, it’s a big mistake. Excessive heavy makeup or isolation can easily make the skin too greasy, which will make the base make-up appear oily and embarrassing, and even make the makeup uncomfortable Take care of yourself.

for example, if you need to wear a mask every day, you need to subtract the base makeup. The base makeup should be light and thin, so that your skin can “breathe”. Just need sunscreen naturally can’t be less, if the early moisturizing work is done well, in fact, can omit the step of isolation before makeup, can wait for sunscreen film on the bottom makeup.

choose the color of the liquid foundation when you want to consider from the depth of your skin and the tone of your skin tone. Simply pursuing white is actually a mistake. The best color for you should be consistent with the color of the skin. You can not see the color difference to achieve the best makeup effect.

yellow skin is not always warm, and its skin is thin and easy to be sensitive. Most of them are coloured skin. They should choose a little more pink foundation. Otherwise, warm colors, ivory, or lighter skin color than those of their skin can better match your luster.

in addition, the way of makeup is also very important. Like Wang Feifei some time ago, she didn’t take off her make-up for more than ten hours. Her little tips: a few times, one layer at a time. First put the whole makeup on the top, then place it on the upper part with red blood and dark circles, and press the coating method to make the foundation match the skin to the greatest extent.

, such as Chawla, is a career elite. In daily commuting, he always uses the same way of changing. Eye shadow will use the most common earth color system, light coloring, and a little bit of darker color to dye the dots, highlighting the outline of the eye.

eye liner is the focus of Chawla’s eye make-up. In order to make eyes become more spiritual, it will fill the root of eyelashes with eyeliner, and then gradually increase the eyeliner from 2/3 places. Finally, curling eyelashes, using a long, long mascara to brush out the radical effect, must not be able to appear the phenomenon of fly legs.

as a new comer in the workplace, Jiang Jun will be more lively and pure in her eye makeup. She is less aggressive than Joana. Her eye makeup is more orange and peach. Orange is mixed with pink tone, will set off the skin’s special ruddy white, the overall feeling to the people is more intelligent and clean, but salt can be sweet. The sense of presence of eyeliner and eyelash is not very strong, mainly to refresh effect.

the most basic function of lipstick is to brighten the skin color, that is, to show white. Dousha color with matte texture is the dominant color of workplace make-up, which has become the most commonly used color of investment banking elites in the play.

when commuting, this kind of lip color can be said to be necessary. In the working environment, this kind of low saturation tone has temperament, not publicity, but also reflects the professional image. Most of the lip makeup in the play is painted in a full way, which will make the lips fuller and at the same time improve the lip shape.

in addition to bean paste color, reddish brown is also the first love of working women. It’s good to change your taste when you’re tired of applying bean paste. Joana changed into a high-grade and fashionable reddish brown, full of air, full of femininity.

commuters should always change their own tastes, and add some fun to their busy work. You look the most beautiful when you work hard.

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