“Male left, female right”, through the fetal movement position can guess the fetal sex, such a statement is scientific?

Yes. Many mothers want to know in advance whether they are pregnant with a man or a woman, not all of them are “son preference”, many mothers just because of curiosity.

for a long time, there are many methods to identify the sex of fetus, but they are all high probability events without science. In addition to diet and the shape of the belly, some people say that the sex of the fetus can also be determined from the movement of the fetus.

it’s like a saying recently: Boys move more on the left, and girls move more on the right. In exclamation rumor many at the same time, but also a good study, fetal movement why there will be left and right.

fetal movement, in short, is that the fetus in the mother’s stomach, with the body movement of the uterine wall, and then cause some changes in the pregnant belly. Generally speaking, pregnant women can feel fetal movement from 18 to 20 weeks, and most frequently at 29-38 weeks.

during pregnancy, fetal movement is the most direct indicator for the pregnant mother to judge whether the fetus is healthy or not. By counting the number and frequency of fetal movement, once abnormal fetus is found, it will be found in time.

studies have shown that the abortion rate of pregnant women with signs of fetal movement at 7 weeks of gestation will be less than 3%, while that of pregnant women without fetal movement at this time will be as high as 97%.

generally speaking, it is normal to have more than 30 times of fetal movement within 12 hours, while less than 20 times indicates abnormal fetus; if less than 10 times, it means that the fetus is in hypoxia and needs medical treatment.

but sometimes, the pregnant mother finds that the position of fetal movement is different, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right. What is the difference between different directions of fetal movement?

in fact, the position where a pregnant mother feels fetal movement is generally related to the position of the fetal limbs. The fetus is curled up in the mother’s womb, not upright, so the back and buttocks are on one side and the hands and feet are on the other side.

when the fetus moves, it is often the movement of hands and feet, so the position of the other side of the hand and foot will naturally move more. And the back and buttocks of the fetal movement is relatively reduced.

therefore, there is no scientific evidence to prove that men and women can be seen from the fetal movement position. Some characteristics of fetal movement can not be used as the basis for judging fetal gender.

apart from external factors and disease reasons, the frequency of fetal movement is often determined by the fetal character. Those who are lively and active tend to have more fetal movements, while those who are relatively quiet tend to have less natural fetal movements and less intense movements.

but this can not be used as a basis for judging fetal sex. In life, some boys are also very elegant, and some girls are free and easy, so we can’t judge whether the fetus is male or female according to the fetal character.

what’s more, there are many factors affecting fetal movement, such as the sitting and lying of pregnant mother, the position and size of uterus, which will affect fetal movement.

in addition, the fetal movement of different gestational weeks will be different. In the second trimester, when the uterine space is large, the fetus will move at will; in the third trimester, the fetal volume has occupied a large part of the uterus, so the natural activity will be limited.

I once discussed with a friend of a delivery room doctor. She also made relevant records for some different fetal movements. When she gave birth in October, she would see if there would be gender differences between men and women.

therefore, during pregnancy, as long as the fetal movement is regular and rhythmic, and within the normal range of fetal movement, the pregnant mother can rest assured that she is pregnant with a man or a woman, and she will know when she is “ripe”. 08/16/2020