Male star refuses Virgo baby to let his wife have caesarean section ahead of time

This year, the entertainment industry gathered to give birth to daughters, and the male gods and goddesses of childhood became parents one after another. No matter how they usually behave, they can always get the congratulations from netizens on the happy birth. But I didn’t expect that the recent micro blog about a male star’s happy ending turned into a large “rollover” scene.

talking about he Junxiang, the male god of the former Taiwan idol drama, many people may not know him, but with “the reason of his wife’s cesarean section two weeks in advance”, he successfully made a hot search. The reason is that the reason he described is too wonderful: because according to the normal month of birth, the baby will be Virgo, but because of the fear of Virgo’s fur, he chose to have a caesarean section two weeks in advance.

it’s 2020, and there are still stars who believe that “constellations determine fate”. No wonder netizens ridicule that “the IQ of parents is the biggest influence on children” and “this behavior is a bit silly”

in order to avoid Virgo, Chen Haomin specially asked his wife, Lisa Jiang, to have a caesarean section on the first day of Libra. However, compared with Jiang Lisa’s “feat” of four caesarean sections in five years, early cesarean section is not so terrible.

Li Yanan, who is due to give birth to her husband Wang Zulan at the time of stage play, chose to have a caesarean section ahead of time in order not to distract her husband. But this stage play is clearly a job that can be put off.

in fact, if there are special circumstances, it’s OK to choose early cesarean section. But in order to avoid a constellation and other reasons and early childbirth is really ridiculous.

children can’t choose the family in which they are born, and they can’t decide when they will come. Whether they can grow up smoothly depends on the love of their parents. For some unimportant purpose, early cesarean section is not a good thing; in the name of good for the child, deliberately delaying the birth time of the child may also cause bad results.

Ms. Peng, 40 years old, has no children for many years after marriage, so she is very careful when she finally conceives a child. But it was because she believed her mother-in-law’s “well-developed” speech that she felt that caesarean section was not good for her child. She did not want to go to the hospital to wait for delivery. As a result, it led to prolonged pregnancy, fetal death, and no choice but to induce labor.

a 36-year-old woman with a second child in Wuhan, who wanted her child to stay in the womb for two more days, refused to listen to the doctor’s arrangement and insisted on not entering the delivery room. As a result of this delay, the baby, who was only 3 kg at birth, gradually regained his heart rate after emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation by the newborn pediatrician, and was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit for further treatment.

it can be understood that expectant mothers are reluctant to give birth ahead of time because they love their children. After all, full-term delivery is the best. But sometimes, the maternal can wait, the fetus can not wait, wishful thinking is not willing to let the baby come in advance, but more harm.

now, more and more people have accepted caesarean section. It can also be understood that parents want to choose an auspicious day for caesarean section. However, when the child is born, it is not certain that man will win the day. Instead, it is necessary to combine the doctor’s arrangement and suggestions to give birth at the most suitable time.

so when is the best time for children? In medicine, the fetus with gestational age of 37 weeks is called term infant. But even so, in fact, the fetus at 37 weeks is not fully developed, and the lung function is still improving. If cesarean section is performed in advance, it may cause premature lung development, abnormal breathing and other problems.

and more and more studies have shown that the health status of infants born between 37 and 42 weeks is also different. Infants born 39 weeks ago are slightly behind in terms of breathing and hearing. Therefore, if you want to have a caesarean section in advance, it’s better not to have it earlier than 39 weeks.

in addition, although the medical definition of 42 weeks of pregnancy or more is overdue pregnancy. But before and after 42 weeks, pregnant women should be alert to avoid serious consequences such as fetal hypoxia and asphyxia. We must follow the doctor’s advice and do a good job of fetal heart rate monitoring.

generally speaking, babies born at 39-41 weeks are full-term babies in the true sense. But at any time, to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetus is the most important, do not excessive pursuit of a certain time node, to listen to the doctor’s arrangement, is the most ideal mode of production. No matter when the baby is born, Ta is the most beloved baby of parents! 08/16/2020