Man height 175 or so, weight how many just calculate a standard? Doctor: it’s normal within this range

Both men and women want to stay away from obesity and have a good figure with clear lines. This is not only from the perspective of beauty, but also from the perspective of health. If a man looks fat visually, and his stomach bulges obviously, he is prone to sweating and panting after a few steps. Obviously, the man may have obesity.

more than 40 years of reform and opening up, people’s life is more and more prosperous, and many men’s bodies are also in the visible “expansion”. With the rising rate of male obesity, the incidence of various diseases is not willing to lag behind. From the famous “three high” wealth disease to various cardiovascular diseases, the proportion of obese male patients and their weight occupy a large proportion.

we know that there is a certain relationship between height and weight. The height of men in the north is generally higher than that of men in the south, but from the perspective of obesity rate, the number of obese men in the north is also more. Let’s Take Shandong Province, a typical representative of northern provinces, as an example. The average height of men in Shandong Province is 175 cm. So, for such height, how much weight is the standard?

if a Shandong man is 175 cm tall and weighs 150 Jin, is he fat? When many friends judge whether they are obese or not, they will simply consider from the single data of weight. For the weight of 150 Jin, you may think it is already heavier. If a person is so heavy, surely he is not thin, right? In fact, to judge whether a person is obese and whether his weight is standard, we need not only to take weight data, gender, age, height and many other factors into account. The very famous BMI calculation method is a set of methods that are suitable for both men and women after considering these factors.

here is a method to calculate the standard weight of male friends: use your height minus 105, and the figure is the weight reference value of this height. Within the range of 10% of the reference value, it belongs to healthy weight. For example, if the above-mentioned male with height of 175 is calculated by this method, the reference weight is 175-105 = 70, then his healthy weight range should be 126-154 Jin. He is 175 cm tall and weighs 150 Jin. His weight is healthy.

men who exceed the standard weight range are obese and need to start to plan to lose weight. Friends whose weight does not reach the standard range are not obese, but lean. Although obesity is the root cause of many diseases, being too thin may lead to malnutrition and the decline of body immunity. Sometimes low weight is also a sign of disease, which is the reason It’s time to be alert.

for men who are overweight, they should take the method of combining exercise with diet. If they want to lose weight healthily, they should rely on practice for three points and eat for seven points. Every day to adhere to at least 30 minutes of exercise, obese friends in particular need to pay attention to the safety of exercise, because your weight base is relatively large, if improper exercise, easy to hurt joints, should reduce the high frequency of jumping behavior in the process of exercise. In terms of diet, obese men need to control their daily intake of fat and sugar, stay away from high calorie diet as far as possible, and eat more coarse grains, vegetables and fruits. The choice of protein should be mainly white meat.

for thin men, tonic food is more important. In terms of food selection, it is suggested to eat more stomach nourishing, easily digestible and nutritious things. For example, the staple food can be replaced with cereals, and porridge can be more easily absorbed. In terms of protein selection, you can eat more tofu, milk, beef, etc. In addition to the normal three meals a day, you can add two meals a day to supplement nutrition, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and eat some fruits or nuts. If we stick to it for a long time, we will gain weight and get better and better.

through reading this article, do you know how to calculate the standard weight range by your height? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, any questions can be raised, and I and the majority of male netizens to exchange and discuss it! 08/16/2020