Many insomnia friends do not know, this one Chinese medicine can be very effective

Shen Zhonggui in the Republic of China has such a paragraph: Mr. Tan cizhong said: I have personal experience that jujube kernel is very reliable in mild insomnia, and every three or four yuan, to more than two, do not feel the slightest side effects of unpleasant brain, sincere Chinese medicine is the best sleeping agent. ” Guiji: Mr. Tan is a knowledgeable pulse doctor. His words should not be absurd. Therefore, we should treat insomnia with sour jujube kernel. < p > < p > it also introduces the famous doctor Liu Huimin’s experience in treating insomnia with Suanzaoren: “Suanzaoren has the effect of calming and calming the mind. It can be used in clinical treatment of insomnia as long as it is accompanied by restlessness and insomnia. In my experience, it is not only a medicine to treat insomnia, but also has the effect of nourishing and strengthening. Taking it for a long time can nourish the heart and brain, stabilize the five internal organs and strengthen the spirit < p > < p > first, Zizyphus Spinosae 5-30g, Ophiopogon japonicus 9g, Schisandra chinensis 5g. Indications: deficiency of Qi and Yin, insomnia at night, red tongue and less fluid, pulse count. < / P > < p > Second, Ziziphus jujuba 5-30 g, Rehmannia 12 g, Schisandra 5 g, indications: heart and kidney disharmony, water and fire failure, five heart upset heat, night difficult to sleep, tongue red and red, pulse string number. < p > < p > Third, Ziziphus Spinosae 5-30, Pinellia ternata 9g, Schisandra chinensis 5g, indications: heart qi deficiency, hot phlegm disturbance, insomnia, palpitation, dry mouth, greasy tongue coating, smooth pulse. < p > < p > in the article, I recommend a diet prescription for sleeping. I have tried it, and it has all kinds of effects. Its prescription: sour jujube kernel 30g, glutinous millet 30g, add water to boil porridge, warm clothes. It is recommended to take it before going to bed and sleep after taking it. If both wood fire floating, can add small Chaihu soup with decocting, more increase its effect. Zizyphus Spinosae kernel is sweet in taste and flat in nature. After frying, it can nourish the heart and liver, soothe the mind, suppress perspiration, have sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, anticonvulsant effect, with glutinous millet cooked porridge, eat very sweet. < p > < p > near the vernal equinox, I feel a little sleepy. That is, from the side: 15 grams of Zhuru, 15 grams of Yuanzhi, 30 grams of lilies, 20 grams of Anemarrhena asphodeloides, 30 grams of wild jujube seeds, 15 grams of Coix seed, fried in water. The entrance is very light, not difficult to drink. Take half before going to bed and sleep that night. I sometimes have poor sleep. I analyze the reason for it. It should be that I think too much and hurt my heart and spleen. From below: 30 grams of sour jujube kernel, 6 grams of chuanxiong, 20 grams of Anemarrhena asphodeloides, 15 grams of Fu Shen, 20 grams of roasted licorice, 100 grams of wheat, 30 grams of jujube, 10 grams of longan meat, fried in water, one dose a day. This recipe tastes very good. Drink it as a drink before going to bed. The curative effect is very satisfactory. You can get a good night’s sleep. < p > < p > some netizens often have insomnia, poor sleep quality, easy to wake up, irritable and irritable. I am: 30 grams of sour jujube kernel, 10 grams of roasted licorice, decoction, one dose a day. Netizen’s letter: after taking three doses, the sleep quality has been greatly improved. I feel that I haven’t had such a good sleep for many years. When I wake up in the morning, I feel that people all over the world love me. This prescription is very simple, sour to harvest, and sweet to slow down. It’s quite effective to soothe the mind and help sleep. Why not try it for those who have lost sleep for years. < / P > < p > sometimes mild insomnia can be solved without consulting a doctor. It is very effective to use 10 grams of rice powder before sleeping. Focus