Married woman into the delivery room, secretly handed the doctor a small note, read both heartache and helpless

I once read such a news on the Internet: when a pregnant woman gave birth, it was difficult for her to have a natural birth because of her large fetal head circumference; the doctor suggested a cesarean section, and the parturient agreed, but the family members objected. Later, the pain was unbearable. After several discussions with her husband, the woman walked out of the delivery center and jumped down from the fifth floor of the hospital and died on the spot. < / P > < p > when I saw the news, I couldn’t say a word. In addition to expressing my heartache and regret for the death of the mother-in-law, I also hated the husband and mother-in-law of the mother-in-law of the mother-in-law. Why not agree with me when I saw the news? Some time ago, my best friend in obstetrics shared with us a heartbreaking “maternity story”: a woman who had married far away from home secretly handed a small note to the doctor when she went into the delivery room to give birth, which said: < / P > < p > according to her best friend, they could not calm down for a long time after seeing the note, and looked at the lying in woman with heartache The son comforts and encourages her, and prays silently for her in the heart. < / P > < p > when the girl friend sent this note to the circle of friends, it triggered a heated discussion among friends. Some friends expressed heartache: “I love this puerpera, I must call my parents when I give birth”; some friends also said: “it’s sad to marry a woman far away, but my parents are not around at the critical time, but my husband doesn’t have to save you”; some friends said: “if the mother’s parents see this note, they will be extremely distressed.”. It has to be said that in the matter of giving birth to children, there are many lying in women who have been trapped for various reasons. When a woman is pregnant, she gambles on her career and future. If her life is not guaranteed, it is impossible to find the meaning of having a child. < / P > < p > with my best friend’s sharing, I called my parents early before I was admitted to the hospital. When entering the delivery room, they also told the doctor that if there was an accident, they should be insured first. At that time, the doctor looked at me and said: “don’t worry, the hospital has regulations, no matter what happens, will ensure the safety of the maternal life, and then try to ensure the safety of the fetus.”. < / P > < p > it is often said that “if you marry the right person, you will know if you have a child.”. Delivery room is indeed a place of witness. In the face of his wife’s childbirth, some men will be distressed and nervous and care about his wife’s safety for the first time; while some men are indifferent, and his wife is struggling in the delivery room, but he plays games outside the delivery room. What kind of a qualified delivery room should a qualified wife face? Perhaps there is no standard answer, after all, everyone has different understanding and expression. But in the final analysis, this qualified paternity father should be the coexistence of love and responsibility. If you want to be a qualified father accompanying childbirth, you may as well do this: < / P > < p > from hospitalization to delivery, the pain in delivery room is also gradually enhanced. In general, when hospitalized, fathers to be need to have some knowledge of childbirth, such as helping mothers to record fetal movements and contractions. When the mother to be feels pain due to uterine contraction, the father to be can touch, kiss and massage more to relieve the pain. During the interval between two contractions, the father to be can help the mother to be out of bed. If the mother to be does not want to be touched, you can sit quietly by the bed and observe the mother to be’s reaction. Or consult your doctor about pain relief. < / P > < p > for the expectant father accompanying the delivery, he / she should follow the guidance of the midwife in the delivery room to help the mother to be breathe and force correctly. If the mother to be is in pain, the father to be can ask the mother to hold his hand and try to cooperate with the doctor. < / P > < p > If an injection is needed during production, the husband should help to look after his wife’s arm. When the baby is born smoothly, the husband can cut the umbilical cord under the guidance of a doctor. < p > < p > when the baby is born smoothly, the husband should take care of his wife in time, such as hugging or kissing his wife’s forehead, so that the physically and mentally exhausted wife can get psychological comfort. In order to avoid the psychological gap caused by the wife [only care about children, not care about themselves]. Postpartum care for the first time, but also reduce the incidence of postpartum depression Oh! In a word, the hormone level in the body will change and the mood will be unstable due to childbirth. At this time, the smart husband will self-restraint, accompany his wife to walk, chat, effective communication and tolerance of her emotions, do not quarrel with his wife, showing impatience. After all, complaining and pouring out are also a way for new mothers to adjust themselves. 08/16/2020