Masu is very good at lip care, 3 steps to create toot lips, have time to do more at home

Hello, everyone. My sister is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets, good things sharing and fashion of the stars. We hope that the learning of these tips can inspire you. Then we will start our fashion journey!

it’s autumn now, and the lips are beginning to crack and peel. The endurance of lips against environmental disturbance is the weakest part of our body and one of the most vulnerable parts of aging. Therefore, lip care is very important.

lips are the weakest part of human skin, they do not secrete oil and water, and there is no natural protective film, so it is easy to peel and crack. For the younger sister, the red root coating is not uniform, and the dry lip lines are especially obvious. Today, let’s take a look at masu’s skincare skills ~

prepare a cotton pad and a cup of hot water, but the water doesn’t need to be too hot, just suitable. Then wet the cotton pad with hot water, apply the cotton pad to your lips and wait for two minutes.

hot water wet compress can soften the peeling part of the lips and soften the dead skin. The lips will be moist and soften the skin completely in two minutes. When peeling, there will be no pain, and it can be easily peeled, so it will not damage the skin of the lips.

after putting the towel on, take out a cotton swab, dip it in hot water, and then gently wipe the soft dead skin on your lips until there is no dead skin.

because there are many people, there are many bacteria on their hands. If you touch them with your hands, you may get a lot of bacteria on your mouth. In fact, it is not easy to rub off the dead skin on the lips because the dry cotton swab is rubbing mud and can only slide away on the skin, so the wet cotton swab can easily remove the dead skin, and it will not damage the lip skin. After rubbing the cotton swabs with

or cleaning the dead skin on the mouth, you can apply a thick lip balm. This simple care, the next day also found that the lips are moist, full and glossy.

because Lip Balm contains a lot of vegetable oil essence, these oils and fats will form an oil film on the surface of the lips. This film will prevent excessive loss of lip moisture and soften the cracked lips, which can effectively protect the lips’ skin and keep the lips moist and glossy.

there are many ways to care for your lips. They are very simple. If you pay attention to them, your lips will not peel, and the dry cracks will be too serious. Some people like to lick their lips when they have nothing to do with their skin. They feel that this can make their lips moisten, or they need it at once, or tear them off with their hands. In fact, these methods are very wrong. They are not only not helpful to the lips, but also make the lips more dry and damage the lip skin.

is not only autumn and winter, but it needs to be coated with lip balm. In fact, it can be painted all the year round, especially because it is not coated in summer, but it is also needed in summer. It can also be prepared in summer, because it needs sunscreen in summer, and only when it is good for sunscreen, it will not appear dry or cracked.

no matter during the day or in the evening, you must always wear lipstick, do not slack off, and you can finish sleeping before going to bed at night. Because lips, like other skin, need skin care, or they will lose moisture. In the evening, you can apply a thicker layer of lip balm or honey, olive oil, plant essential oil and so on.

at the same time, we should pay attention to food habits and other issues. Diet also has a great impact on people’s lips. We can supplement more vitamins to make our lips more moist. When the body is lack of vitamins, the lips are particularly easy to crack, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, so you can add more vitamins and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, kelp, tomatoes and other things.

of course, in addition to vitamin supplement, you can also drink more water, which can make your lips more moist. Because of the large number of people, 80% of the body is talking about water, and you have to drink a lot of water every day, because there are many mechanisms of the human body that are maintained by water. At least eight glasses of water a day are effective for the balance of the human body. Lips also need sufficient water to moisturize, so drinking more water every day is also effective for lips. 20