Maternity late at night: maternity is also a person, giving birth to children needs dignity! It resonates with many precious mothers

In the face of the upcoming production, even mothers with production experience will not escape the invasion of tension. In addition, the production process itself is accompanied by risks, some mothers will still be afraid.

especially for pregnant women who have no production experience, they often fall into an awkward mood because of some sudden “accidents”. Some pregnant women with poor psychological quality may directly affect the production process because of this mood.

the reason is that when she gave birth to her first baby, the nurse asked her to take off her pants as soon as she entered the delivery room. At that time, I saw that the curtain of the production place was not pulled, and there were two or three intern nurses standing beside it.

but the nurse was very impatient. She was angry and said to Xia Xia, “what’s the matter? Hurry up. If you don’t check, there will be a line outside. Do you want everyone to wait for you?”

hearing the nurse say this, Xia Xia’s heart is very sad, but she can’t really let so many people wait for her. She has no choice but to take off her pants in front of so many people.

after giving birth, she couldn’t help sending her experience to her circle of friends late at night, and said, “giving birth to a baby needs respect. The puerpera are human beings, and they also have self-esteem. Please give them the minimum respect.”

it’s not just Xia Xia, but many pregnant women have encountered embarrassing things in the process of giving birth, which is why so many Baoma would like it.

internal examination, in short, is the examination of the midwifery nurse putting her finger into the lower body of the puerpera. Its main purpose is to judge the opening of the finger at the uterine orifice before labor, so as to determine the process of labor and whether there are abnormalities.

① you need to take off your pants. If only the nurse is OK, what you are most afraid of is the situation that Xia Xia Xia encountered in the above case. ② The internal examination process is awkward and uncomfortable. Fortunately, the time is relatively short. In fact, for pregnant women, if they encounter more people around during the internal examination, they can discuss with the nurses to close the curtain or invite the onlookers out. This is their right.

although most midwives are women, there are also male midwives, especially in most hospitals, the number of male midwives is gradually increasing.

relatively speaking, most pregnant women will be embarrassed when they meet male doctors, but this kind of embarrassment is very short. They will realize that the smooth birth of the fetus is the most important thing, and they should believe in the professionalism of doctors.

for some pregnant women who can’t overcome this embarrassment, in order not to affect the follow-up production, we can discuss with the hospital in advance to let the female doctor help them.

because of this kind of thing for the first time, some new mothers will be directly embarrassed and blush, until the midwife told her that many mothers had this kind of situation, they stopped embarrassed and continued to give birth.

this process needs the help of nurses before production. For women who feel embarrassed, it’s advisable to ask their husband to help them finish the work before giving birth.

② y hair is easy to breed bacteria. After the fetus is delivered from the birth canal, it may be infected by bacteria, causing the consequences of illness. In addition to these embarrassments, there are also birth vomiting, cesarean section to insert a catheter and other embarrassments.

as far as midwives are concerned, in order to help relieve the embarrassment of puerpera, they can tell puerpera that these are the most normal phenomena during childbirth, so as to reduce their psychological burden.

for puerpera, the key point to be clear is that at present, production is their main task. We should calm down, believe in the professionalism of doctors, and have a good production. And we must be fully prepared before production.

production is a physical work. In order to ensure sufficient physical strength in the production process, pregnant women must ensure good sleep time and sleep quality before delivery, and calmly avoid letting their body go out of the tired state, which will affect the production.

before giving birth, you can prepare the things to give birth, including maternal certificates, baby supplies, hospital supplies, etc. in advance, so as not to cause the whole family panic and aggravate the maternal tension due to the sudden birth.

before giving birth, it is not recommended that the pregnant mother go far away or stay in bed all the time to give birth. Some minor activities can be carried out, such as walking and walking, to help give birth.

therefore, you can take a bath before production to keep your body clean. It should be noted that when a pregnant mother takes a bath in labor, it is best to be accompanied by someone to avoid accidents.

of course, every puerpera should get their due respect! If they feel that their embarrassment is based on their loss of dignity, pregnant women can use all kinds of methods to maintain their dignity. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao