Media: it’s not convenient to set up boys’ urinals in women’s toilets

Recently, some netizens reported that a shopping mall in Shandong set up a boy’s urinal in the female toilet. In this regard, the person in charge of the shopping mall said that it was for the convenience of mothers with children. However, some netizens believe that the move violates women’s privacy and is not conducive to children’s gender awareness. It’s really inconvenient for heterosexual parents to travel with their young children. Among them, going to the toilet is probably the most difficult. Take yourself to the toilet with you. You are embarrassed, and others are more embarrassed. If you let your child go to the toilet alone, your child’s self-care ability is relatively weak, and safety is even more difficult to guarantee. Therefore, when seeing the practice of this shopping mall in Shandong, many boys and mothers praised it one after another, thinking that it was a “humanized” measure and solved a problem for themselves. On the surface, the problem of mother taking her son to the toilet has been solved. However, if you think about it carefully, how different is the installation of boys’ urinals in women’s toilets? The mother still has to take her young son into the women’s toilet, and even let the boy “convenient” in the sight of strange women; the trouble caused to other toilet women has not changed at all. What aspects of the problem have been solved? Children of two or three years old already have gender awareness. At this time, parents take their children into the toilet of the opposite sex, which may cause confusion of children’s gender consciousness. Of course, there is no alternative. As an expedient measure, we will generally understand, but we can’t say that this is a good practice. If a boy enters a woman’s toilet, it will embarrass some women. Before that, public opinion repeatedly discussed such topics as “how old children can be brought into the toilet / bathroom by heterosexual parents”, which is a manifestation of this uneasiness. Now, shopping malls have installed boys’ urinals in women’s toilets, which is tantamount to declaring that it is perfectly reasonable for boys to enter women’s toilets – but is that really the case? < / P > < p > businesses can realize that it is not easy to take children’s parents with them, and they are considerate of customers, which is worth praising. However, the way to solve the problem is a bit lazy. Some people support this practice, perhaps because it’s hard to go to the toilet for a long time. Seeing some changes, they think it is worth encouraging. However, a better way is to set up a third toilet, which China has been encouraging and supporting in recent years. < / P > < p > the third toilet refers to the toilet regardless of gender. It is understood that in 2016, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development put forward the concept, pointing out that the third toilet is used to assist the elderly, children and the disabled to use the toilet. However, at present, the third toilet is mainly distributed in large and medium-sized cities in China. Maybe many people don’t know the existence of the third toilet, or even if they see it, they don’t know how to use it. < p > < p > in 2017, Shanghai issued a new version, stipulating that the public toilets in the following four types of places should be provided with a third toilet: commercial areas, airports, railway stations, bus stations and other important transportation and passenger transport places, tourist attractions, open parks, amusement parks and other important public sports venues, and other areas with high environmental requirements, and hospitals. However, until 2018, the allocation proportion of the third toilet in Shanghai public toilets was only 14%. However, with the advancement of the “toilet revolution”, the construction of the third toilet is also accelerating. In 2017, the National Tourism Administration issued a notice requiring that all 5A tourist attractions should be equipped with a “third toilet”. In 2019, 11 deputies to the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress jointly proposed that Shenzhen should increase investment in the construction of the third toilet. Jiangsu housing and construction department also said in 2019, more than 80% of the new public toilets in the province will be equipped with a third toilet. According to the previous reports of Shandong media, by 2020, the scenic spots above 4A level in Shandong will achieve full coverage of the third toilet. It can be seen that in the near future, the third toilet will no longer be a “new thing”, but gradually become the “standard configuration” of public toilets. Shopping malls with a third bathroom, is also the trend. Since we want to be considerate of customers, why not simply transform the existing toilet to create a special “convenient” space for young children, the elderly and the disabled? Even if it’s a little small and simple, I’m afraid the customers will not have any complaints. As it is now, it would be perfunctory to install a boy’s urinal in the female toilet. Focus