Men arrested for “school closure” and “class suspension” in Sungang, Luohu, Shenzhen

According to the Shenzhen Health Protection Committee WeChat official account, in December 2nd, the Sungang police station of the Luohu branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau arrested a person who broke the public order by spreading rumors of the epidemic.

on the evening of December 2, a asymptomatic infected person associated with an imported case from Hong Kong was found in Shenzhen. All departments immediately launched epidemic prevention work and carried out nucleic acid testing on relevant residents. On that night, a “government emergency notice” about “suspension of classes” and “school closure” began to circulate in various wechat groups.

according to the police investigation, the notice was made up by a man, Liu. That night, Liu learned that the asymptomatic infected person had previously lived in Sungang village, and made up an emergency notice, which was released to his working group at about 19:00, and was widely spread. At about 1:00 am on December 3, the police of Luohu Public Security Bureau successfully arrested Liu and took him back to the police station for further investigation. Liu confessed to the illegal act of arbitrarily compiling and fabricating false epidemic related information and spreading it on the Internet. According to the first paragraph of Article 25, the Luohu police shall impose an administrative detention of 10 days and a fine of 500 yuan on Liu for his illegal act of fabricating false information and disturbing public order.

Luohu police remind the masses that the Internet is not a place outside the law. As for the relevant situation of the epidemic situation, we should distinguish between right and wrong, and take the official information as the standard. We should not believe the information that has not been verified, do not forward and spread it, let alone edit and spread it at will. For those who spread rumors maliciously, the public security organs will strictly investigate and punish them according to law and never tolerate them. 08/16/2020