Men insist on health care and don’t stay up late, but the liver hardens? Doctor: ignorance is caused by habit of getting up early

Ah Wei is one of the few “health preserving people” among the boys. He only drinks warm water every day, has a light diet, and never stays up late. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is a model of health preserving.

but just two months ago, a Wei’s body had some changes. When he took a bath, he found a lot of red spots on his body. Because he didn’t hurt or itch, he didn’t care too much. But two weeks ago, he found that his face was getting worse and worse, and his shoulder and arm hurt from time to time, and he couldn’t tell exactly where it was.

after the doctor further consulted a Wei about his daily diet habits, he found out that they were all caused by the wrong regimen. Ah Wei heard that drinking a mouthful of wine early in the morning helps to strengthen the body and soften the blood vessels, so he would drink a small cup of wine early in the morning for a long time. As a result, he did not achieve the effect of health preservation, but injured the liver…

no matter what kind of wine, it contains ethanol, which is mainly metabolized through the liver. In the process of metabolizing ethanol, acetaldehyde, which is harmful to the liver, will be produced, Liver function decreased. And getting up early and drinking on an empty stomach will not only cause a burden on the stomach, but also increase the burden on the liver.

as the largest detoxification organ of human body, almost all toxins in the body have to be metabolized by the liver and discharged from the body. So we need to drink a lot of water during this process.

first of all, drinking more water is to supplement the loss of water in the body and avoid the lack of water in the internal organs. Secondly, timely replenishment of water promotes blood circulation and accelerates the discharge of metabolic wastes. The toxins produced by these metabolic wastes are discharged from the body, which not only reduces the damage to the liver, but also plays a role in washing the body.

many people are sleepy in the morning. Even if they feel like urinating, they are lazy to get up. When they can’t help it, they will get up immediately and go straight to the bathroom.

However, studies have shown that detoxification in the body can be carried out through urination, perspiration and defecation. Urinate as soon as possible after getting up in the morning, which can excrete the toxin accumulated all night in time, so as to avoid the toxin remaining in the body, leading to liver “poisoning”.

if you don’t eat in the morning for a long time, it may lead to hypoglycemia in the body, and the glycogen in the liver will be mobilized by the body. At the same time, the activity of insulin will also increase, which will increase the burden on the liver and eventually lead to liver disease.

in addition, smoking in the morning is also very harmful to the liver, because after getting up in the morning, people’s blood circulation speed is relatively slow, over time, it will lead to increased burden of liver detoxification, long-term smoking will also lead to liver disease, and even liver cancer. We must pay attention to it.

studies have found that nitrite can synthesize nitrosamines in the stomach, which can become a strong chemical carcinogen and induce liver cancer. Therefore, we should eat less nitrite containing foods, such as pickles, pickles, salted fish, etc.

the complexion of normal people is usually ruddy and glossy, but some people are born with dark complexion. People born with dark complexion also look very energetic. People with dark faces due to impaired liver function look swarthy and devoid of energy.

if you don’t feel that you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, but your skin turns black day by day, you should be alert to whether there is something wrong with your liver.

sclera yellowing is a manifestation of jaundice, which indicates that the liver has been seriously damaged. It may be that liver cirrhosis has been for a long time, and it needs timely medical treatment.

when our liver is damaged, the bilirubin in the blood can not be excreted from the body. When the bilirubin in the blood accumulates too much, it will be reflected on the surface of our body. In addition to the yellow eyes, there can also be yellow urine, yellow sweat, yellow tears, etc.

50% of patients with liver cancer will have pain in the liver region. The location of pain in the liver region is in the right rib or under the xiphoid process, and most of them are intermittent pain or persistent dull pain. Most of the causes of pain were caused by the rapid enlargement of tumor, squeezing of liver capsule and the occurrence of traction pain.

at ordinary times, many people feel joint pain, which may be caused by fatigue or rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, once people have hepatitis, it will also lead to joint pain.

when hepatitis comes on, there will be pain in the joints, especially in the knee joint. So if you find frequent pain in the joints, it is likely that there is something wrong with the liver. It’s better not to be careless.

drinking water is a good way of health care, which can not only supplement body fluid, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, but also help digestion, absorption and elimination of waste, reduce the damage of metabolites and toxins to the liver.

cassia seed is the seed of cassia, also known as “return pupil”. It is obvious that it has health care effect on eyes. It is recorded that Cassia obtusifolia is good at clearing fire and improving eyesight.

Lycium barbarum is sweet in taste. It is usually used to regulate the liver and kidney. It can tonify the deficiency and spirit, clear away heat and improve eyesight. Lycium barbarum often makes tea with chrysanthemum, which has the function of nourishing the liver and improving eyesight.

in addition to the above three kinds of food materials, honeysuckle is also added. Honeysuckle has been known as the food material of clearing away heat and toxin since ancient times. It is sweet, cold, clearing away heat without hurting the stomach. It is fragrant and can dispel evil.

there are many acupoints on the auricle. Rub the auricle back and forth with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands to stimulate each acupoint on the auricle. The number of times depends on the situation of each person, generally about 20 times for the degree.

when bathing hands, put the hot hands flat on the face, and rub the middle fingers of the two hands from the forehead along both sides of the nose and down to both sides of the nose repeatedly until the face is hot. Generally about 20 times, and then close your eyes, with both hands fingertips rubbing eyes and around. HEALTHY LIFE