Men who have been abstinent for too long are easy to “abandon” and “use” in two situations

All things will evolve or degenerate when they are thrown into the river of time. One is to adapt to nature, the other is to adapt to themselves. Adapting to nature is evolution, while adapting to oneself may be degeneration. Today, Dahe and his friends are talking about the “use, discard and retreat” of male Dingding in the process of abstinence. < / P > < p > er Gou has a beautiful wife. Both before and after marriage, they have an enviable sex life. They love each other and tell each other their hearts, which makes people believe in the existence of love. When the wife is pregnant, er Gou resolutely abstains from sex with the idea that men should be loyal. The ban lasted for a year. A year later, when the second dog wanted to live with his wife and husband, he found that he had lost his old style. < / P > < p > here, no matter how two dogs can abstain for one year, the key point is why they can’t get up later? Impotence is what most men are afraid of. It is said in the industry that premature ejaculation is better than impotence. The former is not easy to use, the latter can not use, the difference is not generally big. < / P > < p > it seems that we can see the figure of “using to advance, discarding to retreat”. It is said that emotional instability, irritability, impotence and other conditions may be related to excessive abstinence, and master Hugo, a sexologist, once said that if young people are abstinent, they may increase sexual desire and fantasy, and eventually lead to mental dispersion, insomnia and other symptoms. So, abstinence for too long, will it really be like two dogs? < / P > < p > the desire impulse in young men comes from hormones. When abstinence is too long, the hormone secretion decreases, so the desire for sex is easy to decrease, and gradually becomes the sage mode. In the process of reducing the secretion of sex hormones, it is easy to affect the immunity of the body. < / P > < p > this is in line with the “waste back” in “use into waste back”. If it’s abandoned, it will degenerate, and so will Tintin. If it’s too abstinence for a long time, it’s like a new car left in the open air for a year, it can’t avoid problems or even can’t start. There will be two situations: < / P > < p > A, abstinence time is too long, when you meet the pleasure of fish and water again, it is likely to lead to excessive excitement, tension, excitement, thus enhancing sensitivity, causing premature ejaculation. “Long goodbye is better than newlywed” refers to emotion, not sexual ability, there are many examples of not running in for a long time, and once running in, you will be disarmed. < / P > < p > b, in terms of male physiological structure, there are many smooth muscles around the cavernous body, which are often used in the process of congestion and Duang. If abstinence is too long, the function of smooth muscle will gradually degenerate and become weak. When you want to be hard again, it is easy to affect the congestion of the cavernous body. Coupled with the worry, it will naturally wither. < / P > < p > a healthy sex life can relieve people’s pressure, regulate their psychology, and enhance their feelings, so as to improve their quality of life. Therefore, when your colleague is inexplicably anxious and irritable recently, he is either short of money or sex. < / P > < p > although there are other ways to consume energy, relieve stress and divert attention in the process of abstinence, these ways are not as direct and effective as going through the storm with each other. Hormones can bring sexual happiness, but also can take away happiness ~ < / P > < p > 1, for people with less experience in sex, there is indeed “use into”, and most of them exist in young people, so when you find that you can’t get what you want after “use” many times, it’s not the problem of experience, but the problem of ability. < / P > < p > 2, in addition to sexual experience, some professional training can really be “used”, but not everyone can achieve it. Improper operation is easy to cause injury, so it is not recommended to practice alone. Focus