Menarche comes too early, the girl’s height is generally no more than 1.6 meters, expert: the best after this age

Xiao Liu’s daughter, Zhou Zhou, is 10 years old and has been in the first half of this year since the end of last year. Zhouzhou has grown very fast and is much higher than other girls of the same age. < / P > < p > to be honest, Xiao Liu did not give her children any special drugs for heightening, but she was naturally happy to see her daughter grow fast. However, in the first two months, her daughter told herself that she had come to menstruation, which shocked Xiao Liu. Finally, she knew why Zhouzhou suddenly grew so fast, which was due to early development! < p > < p > after that, Xiao Liu quickly took the child to the hospital for examination. Sure enough, the doctor said that the child was precocious. Now the only way is to quickly add more nutrition to the child, let the child do more exercise, and strive to grow to nearly 1.6 meters. < / P > < p > at the same time, doctors also said that it is difficult to achieve more than 1.6 meters, because the child has already passed a height growth peak, and the growth speed in the next period is relatively slow. If we can work hard, the possibility of more than 1.6 meters is not available or relatively small. Xiaoliu, a contributor, said that she hoped other parents would pay attention to it, especially girls. If their children suddenly grow up in height for a period of time, and even surpass other girls of the same age, attention should be paid to it, because it may be a sign of early development of children, and it will not be long before menarche comes! < / P > < p > in the period before menarche, it is often the peak period of children’s height development. In this period of time, we must give children more nutrition to meet the needs of children’s height development, otherwise children’s height development may be delayed. Generally speaking, the age of menarche in girls is usually around 12-14 years old. If it is earlier than 12 years old, it can be considered as precocious puberty. For precocious puberty children, parents should pay more attention to supplement nutrition for their children, otherwise the children’s physique will become worse, let alone height development, it is difficult to exceed 1.6 meters. In addition, experts say the best age for menarche is between 14 and 15 years old. Because early development will affect the height development of children. In short, children are in the early stage of height development. In this process, the height will grow slowly, but it will grow slowly. < p > < p > when children’s menarche comes and after menarche, their height development will advance by leaps and bounds, which also means that the children whose menarche comes later have a period of preparation for height development than other children, which is a more easily overlooked advantage. However, the time of menarche is not the later the better. If the menarche time is later than 15 years old, parents should take their children to a regular hospital for gynecological examination to see if the child has polycystic ovary syndrome or other sex hormone problems. < / P > < p > give children the knowledge of sex. If the menarche time of children comes early, and some children don’t even know the concept of menstruation, then parents should popularize the relevant sexual knowledge to their children. < / P > < p > on the one hand, it is not only about how to deal with menstruation and what should be paid attention to during the physiological cycle, but also to popularize the knowledge of eggs and pregnancy for children to improve their self-protection awareness. < / P > < p > the earlier menarche comes, the more parents should give their children nutrition, otherwise the children’s physique will become worse, which is not only related to the height development of children. < / P > < p > many children do not inform their parents in time after menarche, or their parents do not prepare nutritional food for them, which leads to the occurrence of dysmenorrhea and reproductive system dysplasia. In order to improve children’s height development and physical fitness, parents should also arrange sports for their children, and try to keep it more than three times a week, and the time should be about one hour. At the same time, it should be noted that if the child is in the physiological cycle, it is better not to exercise in the first three days of the physiological cycle, otherwise, it may stimulate the reproductive system and lead to dysmenorrhea and other problems. In the final analysis, it’s not terrible that menarche comes early. What’s most afraid of is that parents don’t take it seriously and think it has no impact on their children, and they don’t take any compensatory measures. PARRENT&CHILDREN