Menopause skin dark yellow show people old? Teach you 5 moves, skin white, tender and tight, not to be a “yellow faced woman”!

After menopause, with the decline of ovarian function, the estrogen level gradually decreases. The skin of women will begin to dry and thin, the elasticity will gradually disappear, the muscles will begin to droop, and the contour of the face will be blurred. At the same time, deeper wrinkles will appear in the face, neck, hands and other parts. In addition, the skin moisture is also less than that of young people, resulting in a darker complexion. Naturally, the title of “yellow faced woman” came uninvited.

in addition to using maintenance products to maintain skin, we can also use some methods to delay skin aging or improve skin aging phenomenon in daily life.

menopause due to the lack of estrogen causes skin thinning and drying, and soy food contains rich “phytoestrogens” – soybean isoflavone, coumarin and other non steroidal compounds. It has a molecular structure similar to that of estrogen, and can bind with estrogen receptor to produce estrogen like effect. When the human body estrogen is insufficient, it can play the role of supplement estrogen. After being absorbed by the human body, these ingredients can balance the hormone levels in the body, thus increasing the thickness of the epidermis, changing the circulation and distribution of the skin and collagen fibers. Although soy food has more benefits, it should be controlled. Soy food may increase the purine content in the body, which is easy to increase uric acid. It is not recommended for gout patients to eat a large amount. At the same time, the protein content of legume food is high, which is not easy to digest, and the friends with bad intestines and stomach also need to eat carefully.

menopausal skin is dry and thin, and it is more sensitive. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of warm water and mild cleansing products when cleaning the skin. When cleaning the skin, avoid excessive pulling on the skin, and use moisturizing products as soon as possible after cleaning. In addition, skin massage can be carried out every night when skin care, and self massage can be carried out according to the skin texture trend, especially the face and neck skin, which can improve skin metabolism, reduce skin edema and relaxation, and make the skin look ruddy.

menopause is not only a period of skin decline, but also a period of physical decline. To maintain good health and skin condition, we need a healthy and reasonable diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins, can help protect the skin, while carotene, anthocyanins and other natural antioxidants in vegetables and fruits can help resist the invasion of free radicals and delay skin aging. In addition, eat more protein rich foods to provide sufficient raw materials for the cellular metabolism of the body and skin.

if you want your skin to be tight and wrinkle free, you need to have enough collagen to support it; if you want to have a healthy and moist skin, you should also have collagen to help lock water. The importance of collagen is self-evident. How to supplement collagen naturally becomes the most important problem.

in daily life, pig skin, pig hoof and other foods are rich in gum, but the molecular weight is too large to be directly absorbed by the body. At the same time, high fat content will not only lead to obesity, but also may harm the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

if you want to supplement collagen directly and healthily, you can use selenium rich liquid peptide. The small molecule hydrolyzed collagen peptide and elastin peptide form a double peptide component, which can be directly transported to the subcutaneous by the circulatory system, effectively reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, improve the water locking property of the skin, and help the skin recover its fine, delicate and moist state when it is young.

sleep is the time for the body to repair itself, not only for the body, but also for the skin. Long term lack of sleep can lead to dry and dark skin. A good night’s sleep is the prerequisite for good skin permeability. Soak your feet before you go to bed, or drink a cup of hot milk to improve sleep quality. 08/16/2020