Men’s overuse of “left and right hands” is actually harmful. I hope you can restrain it

One reader, Xiao Jiu, said in a private letter that he was infatuated with “DIY” at least twice a day recently, but he was worried about whether it would affect his health and how to control himself in Britain. < / P > < p > physiological needs exist in everyone. Some men without partners often solve their own needs in life. Appropriate can make men physically and mentally happy, but some men will indulge in using their hands in daily life. However, excessive use of hands will bring great harm to the body. < / P > < p > frequent hand use will lead to repeated congestion of prostate organs, which is easy to induce inflammation and lead to prostate disease. In addition, once prostate disease occurs, the surrounding organs will be affected, such as kidney qi loss in the kidney, which will lead to a series of chain reactions in the body. < / P > < p > excessive use of hands for a long time is also easy to lead to male sexual dysfunction, because when using hands, many men will be too nervous for fear of being known, and will be in a hurry. In this case, men will develop the habit of fast shooting, and once they have normal sex, they will also appear too fast conditionally. < / P > < p > long term hand use will make the brain in an excited state, which will affect the central nervous system and make men’s attention and understanding ability decline. Long term hand use will make the central nervous system affect other systems and increase the probability of urinary system diseases. < / P > < p > in fact, there is no definite conclusion about this matter, because it has the same principle as sports. Some people are free to run 5000 meters in their daily life, while others are free to run 500 meters. This has a great relationship with everyone’s physical quality, so there is no absolute standard to determine how much frequency is appropriate and how much is excessive. < / P > < p > it is suggested that the judgment method is to observe whether you will feel very tired or depressed after a period of time. Of course, these should be under the premise of regular work and rest and non high pressure. < / P > < p > it is suggested to arrange your work and life more slowly and do other things to divert your attention. Can be through exercise, listening to music to ease the sexual impulse. Daily exercise can relieve tension, make the body focus on certain things in a positive way, and relieve the desire for sex. < / P > < p > generally, lonely people often participate in daily life. In this case, they should participate in the society, participate in more social activities and associations. After returning home, they might as well watch TV dramas or play games to enrich their life. < / P > < p > many people have weak willpower because they watch too many small films everyday. They often do it, so they should control themselves and don’t watch too many of these things everyday! < / P > < p > for men, they must comfort themselves in appropriate circumstances. If they find that there is an excessive tendency of “hands-on”, they must change themselves in time! Focus