Menstruation disorder, irregular? Traditional Chinese medicine: first of all to distinguish “true” imbalance or “false”

“How can it be that you are not a doctor? How can you be sure that your menstruation is irregular? Don’t think about it.” after hearing the comfort from her best friend, Ms. Tong was still not at ease. She went to ask traditional Chinese medicine when she found time, but she was told that she was suspicious and that there was nothing wrong with her body, which was not related to menstrual disorder. Originally, Ms. Tong secretly bought some medicine to recuperate, but now she is also thankful that she didn’t eat indiscriminately, otherwise she will have other problems.

in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many women like Ms. Tong, who come a few days later than others every month. It’s a joke to say that if they are healthy, the age of menopause will be later. Congenital genes determine the particularity of every woman. If the menstrual cycle is regular for a long time, and the amount of menstrual blood is stable, it is not related to the irregular menstrual disorders, and it is mostly a fuss for women themselves.

popular science: except for the first few months of menarche, the menstrual cycle of healthy women will be unstable due to various factors. From the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next big aunt, just keep in the range of 21 to 35 days. Menstruation more than 3 days, less than 7 days is normal range. The premise does not include congenital genetic factors, remember that the stability law is the most powerful umbrella.

Traditional Chinese medicine analyzes Ms. Tong’s case to reveal the line of menstrual “false” disorder. Excessive weight loss and weight loss “false” disorder. Many women have a strong reaction when they mention fat. It’s their mantra that they can’t eat fat. In fact, fat promotes the normal menstrual cycle to a certain extent. Some adolescent girls are 18 or 19 years old and still have no menstruation, which may be due to lack of fat and nutrition.

2. When it’s cold, in order to stand out in the crowd, wearing less to show your beauty is the killer of “false” disorder. This kind of women should not have a lot of menstruation every time, and leave the body in three or two days.

sudden menstrual cycle change: normal female friends have roughly understood their menstrual cycle and will prepare sanitary napkins in their bags in advance. An occasional mischief or two can lead to a “fake” disorder. In the case of “true” disorder, women will find that their cycles show signs of disorder many times within half a year. It is suggested that they should be careful whether there is a lesion in the uterus or ovary.

depending on the initial psychological judgment, some women will do some conditioning activities for themselves like Ms. Tong. In fact, many products on the market that regulate irregular menstruation have not been verified accurately for a long time. Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that we should be responsible for our own body. If there is a disorder, we should first judge whether it is a “true” disorder or a “false” disorder before treatment. If you can’t make up your mind, it doesn’t matter. TCM is the support behind you. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE