Middle aged people, if the body often out of “1 kind of sweat”, may be a precursor to stroke, do not think it is detoxification

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a lot of people have a fixed thinking. They think that people who sweat more often expel more toxins and are in good health. But this is not the case. In traditional Chinese medicine, sweating is related to internal organs. Let’s share with you sweat.

the human body is not as fragile as you think. The skin, respiratory system and digestive system can play the role of defense line to prevent toxic substances from entering the human body. Even if they do enter the human body, the immune system can eliminate them.

and sweating can’t achieve the detoxification effect you want. Most sweating is just water for regulating body temperature, which has nothing to do with detoxification.

in the summer, sweat glands are like the “air conditioner” of the human body, which is the main channel for us to dissipate heat. In addition, when people are nervous or emotional, they will also sweat. This is the case of “pinching a sweat”.

sweat is also the barometer of our body. Some abnormal sweating signals are often the warning issued by the body! Sweating in 4 parts, there may be something wrong with the body!

partial sweating is characterized by sweating on one side of the body and no sweating on the other side, which is usually seen in patients with hemiplegia. It should be noted that partial sweating may also be a precursor of stroke.

as we all know, stroke is very dangerous. It is not only sudden, but also life-threatening. Therefore, early identification is very important. Once it occurs, we must be alert and call 120 immediately.

diplopia, blurred vision or decreased vision may be an early warning sign of stroke. Many people attribute the change of vision to “old age” or “too tired”, but in fact, it is very rare to see diplopia just because of fatigue or excessive use of eyes.

if you wake up with numbness in your arms or legs, it’s easy to think it’s “sleep pressure.”. But in the early stage of a stroke, numbness of the hands and feet is often manifested, because the blood flow from the spine to the back is reduced, which may lead to numbness on one side of the body.

when the brain is short of blood supply, the motor function of the human body will fail. One of the common symptoms is the sudden inability to speak or to pronounce clearly, or even not to speak, but the duration is short, and the longest time is not more than 24 hours. We should pay attention to it. We should also pay attention to the unexplained mouth angle deviation, unclear speech or tongue deviation.

if you often have that kind of strange “sweating” and these typical small problems, you should be alert to brain problems, especially for the middle-aged and elderly people.

exercise is a risk factor for stroke. Exercise 30 minutes a day, at least three times a week, can effectively reduce the risk of stroke. For example, walking, cycling, climbing stairs, table tennis and other sports can effectively prevent stroke, and the earlier exercise, the lower the risk of stroke.

and tea is conducive to reducing the viscosity of our blood, reducing the probability of lipid accumulation in our blood vessels, which is of great help to reduce blood lipid. Brewing three or five cups a day plays an important role in vascular health.

many people want to make their own tea. Xiaobian doesn’t recommend it. Because they don’t have a good grasp of the quantity and production technology, it will have little effect to achieve stable uric acid. It’s better to choose the ready-made tea bag with scientific proportion, which is convenient and healthy.

when it comes to blood supply to the brain or other areas of arteriosclerosis and vascular infarction, it is reflected in the neck. So you can consciously ask your doctor to auscultate the carotid murmur. Eliminating brain and heart problems when a noise is heard usually prevents 80% of strokes.

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