Midwives with 10 years of experience: check the “chicken ribs” items in the bags to be delivered. It’s not a big use and it’s a mess

The birth of a child is like a war. The process is long and the outcome is unpredictable. If we want to win the battle in the front, we must have sufficient food and grass in the rear. For pregnant mothers, if they want to win the battle of childbirth, they need to prepare the delivery bags for hospitalization in advance in case of emergency. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers are prepared to give birth bags in detail, hoping that the more things they have, the better. They often worry about the lack of this and that. However, according to the senior midwife, there are many things in the package that are waiting for birth, which are of no great importance. < / P > < p > XiaoCong has been pregnant for more than 8 months. As the expected date of delivery is getting closer and closer, she is afraid that her baby will start ahead of time. Recently, she began to prepare the package for delivery. After a lot of inquiry and information, XiaoCong has prepared three big bags for her package, and added several more every few days, but she still doesn’t think it’s enough. < / P > < p > it happened that XiaoCong’s best friend came to see her. Her best friend is a senior midwife in obstetrics and Gynecology who has worked for 10 years. She gave XiaoCong some advice during her pregnancy. < / P > < p > when my best friend saw the three bags full, she was stunned. She took a look at XiaoCong’s ready to give birth bag, and clearly pointed out that the “chicken ribs” products in XiaoCong’s ready to give birth bag accounted for the vast majority, which was not very useful, but might cause confusion. < / P > < p > it’s a woman’s nature to love beauty. During the period from pregnancy to childbirth, the puerpera has endured nearly ten months of obesity, and they want to return to their previous slim figure immediately. < / P > < p > women who have just given birth are in the puerperium, their body functions have not been fully recovered, and their organs have not been repositioned. If they use the abdominal band for a long time or too early, it will affect the blood circulation around the uterus, and even cause gynecological problems. < / P > < p > many puerpera firmly believe that they can’t wash their hair during confinement. Considering the inconvenient and unhygienic use of water in hospitals, they may choose wanghong confinement products: wash free shower gel and shampoo. < / P > < p > it’s tempting to just listen to names, but actually it’s not necessary at all. Now the times are changing. From a scientific point of view, you can take a bath and wash your hair during confinement. As long as you pay attention to the water and temperature, don’t be too frequent. < / P > < p > after giving birth, the puerpera are not only weak, but also faced with the responsibility of taking care of the baby. With a continuous stream of visitors, these have exhausted the puerpera. < / P > < p > no matter how strong the love for beauty is, there is no energy to make up for skin care. What’s more, skin care products and cosmetics contain more or less some chemical components, even under the banner of “special for confinement”. < / P > < p > Haowu recommends that this package is made for inexperienced expectant mothers from a scientific point of view. It contains 16 pieces of maternity care products, meeting the needs of expectant mothers and babies. < / P > < p > the skin of the newborn baby is very fragile and sensitive. Many parents are worried about the delicate skin and feet, and the baby will scratch or bruise easily. To wear a glove foot cover for the baby, it is beautiful and safe. However, this seemingly easy way may bring unnecessary trouble. < / P > < p > to put on the glove foot cover for the baby, first of all, it will restrict the activities of his hands and feet, affect the normal growth and tactile development; in addition, once the thread head of the glove foot cover falls off, it will wrap around the baby’s fingers, the baby will not break away, and it is difficult for the parents to detect, which will affect the blood circulation and even cause scratches. < / P > < p > in order to make the baby sleep a good head shape, some parents have prepared pillows early, even baby specific shaped pillows, but these preparations are all in vain. < / P > < p > the cervical vertebra development of children and adults is different. The baby’s cervical vertebra is straight and does not need a pillow at all. What’s more, the shape of some shaped pillows is unscientific, which is likely to destroy the normal physiological bending of the baby, playing a reaction. < / P > < p > I believe many parents have stepped on thunder with this baby product. Pacifier, as the name suggests, is to pacify the baby’s mood, but there is no need to prepare it in advance. After the baby is born for a period of time, consider whether it is necessary according to the actual situation, and try not to use it. < / P > < p > if you can’t avoid using pacifiers for your baby, it’s better for your parents to help your baby give up pacifiers before 1 year old. Because if you continue to use pacifiers for your baby after 1 year old, you will develop bad habits and affect the growth of your child’s teeth and jaw. CUISINE&HEALTH