Milk should be a complete set to buy or buy separately, most of the girls have been wrong

water milk suit is called skin care entry skin care product. You can have no eye cream or no essence, but you can’t have no skin cream, basic skin care and essential skin care products. The role of water is very direct, which is responsible for supplying water to our dry little face. In order to make water energy < / P > < p >, there is a problem that has been bothering Shilu. Should we buy water milk in sets? Or free collocation? Every time I buy skincare products, I am always told by my friends that it is better to buy a whole set of skincare products! Then I will be obedient to buy a complete set. Of course, I need to pay more RMB at this time, and I won’t pay much attention to the effect after use. Obviously, this is a means of sales, and there is no obvious scientific basis. Today, we will explore whether we need to buy a whole set of water milk. < / P > < p > first of all, I’d like to give you a summary answer. < / P > < p > If Xiaobai pursues basic skin care efficacy, it’s not wrong to choose a complete set of skin care products. But skincare Xiaobai also needs to understand her skin type and choose a water cream suit suitable for her skin type. Otherwise, she can only listen to the cupboard sister’s bluff and buy a pile of ashes like Shilu once did. < / P > < p > then how can I know my skin type? Before I picked up Lu, I wrote an article about my skin type. You can have a look! Now many brand counters will have skin test equipment, do not know their own skin little sister, quickly to test it! Only after you know your skin type and what demands your skin has, can you apply the right medicine to your own skin care products.

has a better understanding of skin and skin care products, and can choose some functional water emulsion such as calm, lightening, lightening and even aging. You can also mix and match some water emulsion by yourself. At this time, the ingredients are very important. How to understand the ingredients of a product? It is recommended that you use the two mobile software of “beauty cultivation” and “transparent label”. By inputting the product name, you can directly see the ingredients contained in the product!

on this point, pick up the land to give you an example, SK2’s Fairy water is very famous, basically consistent blowing products, in addition to expensive or expensive, its stability and stability effect is excellent, but you have never heard of its home emulsion. This time is actually a typical single product effect, other matching water is really not necessary to buy, we according to the characteristics of our skin to choose a suitable emulsion. < / P > < p > the toner should be used with the cotton pad: pour the toner on the cotton pad to keep it fully wet without dripping. When using, gently press the toner with your hand to let it penetrate into the skin until it is absorbed. From the bottom to the top, the skin can really drink water! < / P > < p > try not to use your hands directly, it will waste toner, and the bacteria on your hands will also be accidentally patted on your face! The skin can’t absorb the nutrition in the toner in time, so the skin care effect will be greatly weakened. < / P > < p > after reading this article, do you know if you need to buy a complete set of water milk? Complete set of water milk is not absolute, the effect is the king! Don’t insist on a complete set of skin care products. It’s the same with other skin care products. There’s no need to buy a complete set of skin care products. The most important thing is to solve skin problems with ingredients! That’s all for today’s article. You can transfer it to people in need! If you have any questions, you can leave a message or a private message in the comments area! I’m Shilu. I’ll see you tomorrow. 08/16/2020