Milk with it to eat, walking strong, tough and flexible bones, away from osteoporosis

Primary osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease characterized by bone mass reduction and bone microstructure degradation, resulting in increased bone fragility and fracture prone.

osteopenia should include the reduction of bone mineral and bone matrix. Only bone mineral decreased, but bone matrix did not. Rickets in children and rickets in adults. The degradation of bone microstructure is caused by bone resorption, which is characterized by thinning, thinning and even fracture of bone trabeculae. It’s actually a microfracture that causes pain in the bones around the body. The strength of bone decreases, the brittleness increases, and it is difficult to bear the original load. Can quietly occur lumbar compression fractures, or in a small external force can occur wrist distal radius fractures or proximal hip fractures.

the changes of bone structure and bone mass can be found in X-ray, light microscopy, electron microscopy and bone morphometry.

1. Primary osteoporosis is caused by physiological degeneration of the body and bone itself, and is not accompanied by other diseases or disorders that cause osteoporosis. It mainly includes postmenopausal osteoporosis and senile osteoporosis, which can be called degenerative osteoporosis.

2. Secondary osteoporosis refers to osteoporosis caused by some diseases and some reasons.

some people call osteoporosis a silent epidemic. After suffering from osteoporosis, in addition to the daily life and work difficulties caused by pain, it is mainly prone to spine, limbs and other parts of the fracture. The older the age is, the higher the risk of fracture is. Fall, slight collision or trauma in daily life can lead to fracture, especially hip, spine and vertebral body. These parts are the main load-bearing parts of the human body, when fracture occurs, patients must stay in bed for a long time. Due to the aging of various organs and tissues in the elderly, long-term bed rest will inevitably increase the possibility of organ failure and other complications, which will affect life in serious cases. Therefore, the morbidity and mortality caused by osteoporosis is high, which is the most serious harm of osteoporosis. Therefore, patients with osteoporosis should be actively treated.

here “it” refers to KD multi element. It can supplement calcium and nutrients needed by human body every day by persisting in supplement twice a day. With the help of KD multi element, calcium can secrete protein by osteoblasts, which can promote the absorption of bone calcium, improve bone density, facilitate the formation and development of bone tissue, so as to prevent osteoporosis.

adequate intake of calcium is an important method for bone storage. To obtain adequate calcium, a balanced diet containing dairy products is necessary. The elderly often suffer from vitamin D deficiency. They must regularly receive sunlight, intake foods rich in vitamin D or supplement vitamin D preparations.

the younger you start to exercise, the better. People who want to prevent bone loss in the elderly can improve from weight-bearing and long-term exercise programs, such as walking, climbing stairs and dancing. Exercise also increases muscle strength and endurance to prevent falls. These exercises should include stretching exercise, muscle strength training, balance training, load-bearing aerobic exercise and high impact exercise. Of course, moderate exercise should be carried out and adjusted according to one’s physical condition. Generally speaking, basic exercise three times a week can play a health care role. If you want to get better results, you can exercise five times a week, but you must give the body time to rest and make it fully repaired. Focus