Ministry of Education: at the stage of compulsory education, the proportion of large classes with more than 56 students dropped to 3.98%

On December 1, the Ministry of Education held the first press conference of “closing” series of education 2020 to introduce the situation of national education reform and development, teacher team construction, investment and use of education funds, and information construction during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Surging news learned from the press release that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, 95.3% of the county-level units in 23 provinces of China have basically achieved balanced development of compulsory education, and the proportion of large classes with more than 56 students has decreased from 12.7% in 2016 to 3.98%.

Liu changya, director of the Department of development and planning of the Ministry of education, said at the press conference that the main goals and tasks set in the 13th five year plan will be realized as scheduled, and the fair development of education will step to a new level:

the national compulsory education stage will realize the goal of “dynamic clearing” from 200000 students who dropped out of school at the beginning of the establishment of the standing book, and the special accumulation of recruiting students from rural and poverty-stricken areas in key universities 525000. Establish a student subsidy policy system covering the whole school period. A total of 391 million poor students have been subsidized, with a total amount of 773.9 billion yuan. The nutrition improvement program for compulsory education covers more than 130000 schools in 1634 counties, benefiting more than 37 million students.

in 23 provinces, 95.3% of county-level units have achieved balanced development of compulsory education, and 99.8% of compulsory education schools have reached “20 bottom lines”.

the policy of free entrance to nearby schools and the same enrollment policy for compulsory education has been fully implemented. 98.6% of the 24 big cities are free of entrance examination, and 85.3% of the accompanying children enter public schools or enjoy degrees purchased by the government.

in the same period, the level of education popularization has been improved: the popularization of education at all levels has reached or exceeded the average level of middle and high-income countries. In 2019, the gross enrollment rate of pre-school education will reach 83.4%, the consolidation rate of nine-year compulsory education will reach 94.8%, the gross enrollment rate of senior education will reach 89.5%, and the gross enrollment rate of higher education will reach 51.6%, realizing a historic leap from popularization to popularization More. The average number of years of education for the working age population has reached 10.7 years, the proportion of new labor force who has received higher education has reached 50.9%, and the average length of education has reached 13.7 years. Pets