Ministry of education emphasizes “internal and external linkage” to standardize off campus training institutions

It is of great significance to deepen and standardize the off campus training institutions for creating a good education ecology. The head of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education said on the 4th that “internal and external linkage” should be further carried out to guide and standardize the off campus training institutions. At the national training and education development conference held in Wuhan, Hubei Province on that day, Xu pan, director of the off campus education and training supervision division of the Department of basic education of the Ministry of education, said: on the one hand, we should improve the quality of education and teaching, extensively carry out after-school services, enrich the service content, accurately analyze the learning situation, and provide targeted services according to the needs of students, so that children can learn fully in school OK. It is necessary to strengthen the systematic governance, consider the enrollment, service, teaching reform, evaluation and other links as a whole, and promote the whole chain. On the other hand, we should further strengthen the supervision of off campus training institutions, carry out regular investigation and inspection jointly with relevant departments, strictly investigate and strictly handle illegal training institutions, timely report accountability, dynamically update the black and white list, widely accept the supervision of all parties, and realize comprehensive supervision without leaving dead ends. In recent years, some off campus training institutions have carried out examination oriented training in violation of the laws of education and teaching and the requirements of quality education, which has interfered with the normal education and teaching and enrollment order of schools, and increased the extra-curricular burden of students. < p > < p > in August 2018, the general office of the State Council printed and issued it, establishing an overall institutional framework for regulating the development of off campus training institutions. In the past two years, the Ministry of education has promoted the training institutions to rectify one by one according to the standards, built a long-term supervision mechanism, implemented the black-and-white list system, and carried out the online training institutions’ record review. 08/17/2020