Ministry of education exposed 8 cases of violation of teachers’ professional standards: Teaching in indecent way

According to the Ministry of education’s website on December 7, the Ministry of education has publicly exposed eight typical cases of violating the ten criteria for teachers’ professional conduct. These eight typical problems are: < / P > < p > 1. The teacher of Fujian business college, Mr. Wang, repeatedly harassed students. In 2019, Mr. Wang repeatedly harassed students in school and sent sexual suggestive words and pictures to many students through wechat and other means. The plot was serious and the impact was bad. Wang’s behavior violated the sixth rule. According to the relevant provisions, Wang was expelled, and his teacher qualification was revoked, and his teacher qualification certificate was collected and included in the teacher qualification restriction library. The party and government leaders of the secondary college where the teacher is located were interviewed and criticized. Secondly, Li, a teacher of Zhida Ivy middle school in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, organized a paid make-up class, which was simple and crude in the process of managing and educating students. In 2020, Li organized the students in his class to make up lessons with compensation during the winter and summer vacation. In the process of student management education, he was simple and rude, and his words were improper. Li’s behavior violated the fifth and tenth regulations. According to the relevant provisions, Li was dismissed and ordered to return the tuition fee; the executive vice president of the school was suspended for inspection and one year’s post salary and job allowance were deducted. Third, teacher Geng of Shuyang Hanlin school in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province led the students to help entertainment stars. In May 2020, Geng led the students to help entertainment stars during class time, and recorded videos to spread on the Internet, causing adverse effects. Geng’s behavior violated the third provision. According to the relevant regulations, Geng was suspended for inspection and admonished to the school principal. (4) the problem of sexual assault by Chen, a teacher in Teachers’ garden College of Nanning Normal University. In August 2020, Chen gathered students to his home to drink, and a female student was sexually assaulted by Chen after drunk. Chen’s behavior violated the second and sixth provisions. According to the relevant provisions, Chen was expelled from the party and dismissed from public office. After the judicial organ made a judgment on his criminal act, his teacher qualification will be lost according to law, and his teacher qualification certificate will be cancelled and confiscated, and he can not apply for recognition of teacher qualification again for life. Fifth, the teacher of Three Gorges University, Mr. Lang, used vulgar and indecent teaching methods. In September 2020, Lang used vulgar and indecent pictures and texts to teach Japanese in school, which had a bad influence. Lang’s behavior violated the third rule. According to the relevant provisions, Lang was given suspension of classes, transferred from teaching posts, and criticized by notice, cancelled the annual evaluation qualification, and deducted performance salary; the second level college where the teacher was working was criticized. (6) the problem of corporal punishment by Xu, a teacher of Nanfeng No.1 middle school, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. In September 2020, Xu took improper measures in the process of discipline students, causing physical injury to students. Xu’s behavior violated the fifth regulation. According to the relevant provisions, Xu was given a warning punishment, and he was found to be unqualified in the teacher’s ethics assessment in that year, and his one-year performance salary was deducted, and no merit evaluation was allowed within three years; the then principal, vice principal in charge and grade director of the school were interviewed and reminded. 7. The problem of corporal punishment by Su Mou, a kindergarten teacher in Nanyang garden, Hefei City, Anhui Province. In September 2020, Su took a child out of the classroom and slapped him in the process of helping the head teacher organize children’s activities. Su’s behavior violated the sixth rule. According to the relevant provisions, Su was dismissed; the director of the kindergarten was asked to make a deep inspection and criticized the kindergarten. (8) the teacher Jin of No.127 middle school in Shenyang City, Liaoning province paid to make up lessons and ordered family members to beat up their parents. In November 2020, Jin suspected that the parents of the students reported that they had organized a paid make-up class and called their families to beat up the parents of the students. Jin’s behavior violated the tenth rule. The principal of a certain school will be given a disciplinary punishment, such as being dismissed from a certain post and being dismissed according to the relevant regulations. < / P > < p > the teachers and responsible persons involved in the above-mentioned problems of teachers’ ethics violations have been seriously dealt with, which reflects the resolute attitude of “zero tolerance” to the problems of teachers’ professional conduct by the above-mentioned schools. The Ministry of education attaches great importance to the construction of teachers’ ethics and style. In view of the outstanding problems strongly reflected by the masses, the Ministry of education has continued to increase the investigation and notification efforts, and deepen and consolidate the achievements in the governance of teachers’ ethics and style. Schools in all localities should take the initiative to deal with the problems of teachers’ ethics violations in a timely manner, resolutely implement the iron law of teachers’ ethics and conduct, embody the principle of strict management and love in the construction and management of teachers’ ethics, remove the “black sheep” from the teaching staff in time, and strive to create a good ecology in the field of education. The majority of teachers should learn from them, firmly establish a sense of bottom line, conscientiously enhance the ideological and action consciousness of abiding by the ten standards of teachers’ professional behavior, adhere to the original intention of educating people for the party and the country, and constantly cultivate noble teacher’s ethics, teach students with morality, and be good teachers with “Four Haves” satisfactory to the party and the people. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so