Ministry of Education: strengthening the management of off campus training institutions and seriously investigating and punishing illegal training

The Ministry of education’s website on November 23 announced the specific contents of the Ministry of education’s reply to the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress “on strengthening the standardized management of primary and secondary school students’ Extracurricular tutorial”. The Ministry of education pointed out in the document on October 26 that standardizing the development of off campus training institutions is concerned by the central government, the masses and the society. The Ministry of education and other departments have always attached great importance to this work, built a system system, carried out special governance, guided training institutions to operate in compliance with the regulations, and continuously purified the off campus training environment. The first is to standardize the professional behavior of teachers. Printing and implementing, together with the previous formulation and implementation, the new era teachers’ professional norms are clear, the basic bottom line is drawn for the main problems and outstanding problems, and further urge teachers to strictly self-discipline, standardize professional behavior, strengthen self-cultivation, and deepen the construction of teachers’ ethics and style. The second is to strengthen the management of training personnel. According to the policy requirements, the training institutions are required to have corresponding teacher qualifications for the teachers engaged in subject knowledge training, and publicize the names, photos, teaching classes, teacher qualification certificate number and other information in the training places, which effectively curbs the problem of in-service teachers going to training institutions for part-time and paid supplementary courses. The third is to guarantee the salary of teachers. First, we should constantly raise the basic wage standard. The Ministry of education, together with human resources, social security, finance and other departments, conscientiously implemented the regulations to ensure that the average wage level of compulsory education teachers should not be lower than the average wage level of local civil servants. In 2014, 2016 and 2018, the basic wage standard was increased three times, and in 2018, the proportion of teachers was increased. Second, we should constantly improve policies. In 2018, the general office of the State Council issued the notice, stressing that it is necessary to strive to solve the problem of teachers’ salary in the compulsory education stage in three years, and make rectification within a time limit for those areas that fail to meet the requirements. Third, strengthen supervision. In 2020, the secretary group of the central leading group on education and the office of the Education Steering Committee of the State Council issued documents, organized meetings, and conducted field research to urge all localities to implement the policy requirements that the average wage level of compulsory education teachers should not be lower than that of local civil servants. We should comprehensively check the illegal behaviors in some areas that violate the national policies and fail to guarantee the teachers’ wages and salaries, and urge the rectification to be in place. In the next step, the Ministry of education will continue to strengthen the management of off campus training institutions, improve the joint working mechanism of departments, seriously investigate and punish illegal training, dynamically update the black and white list, and guide training institutions to operate in compliance with regulations. At the same time, we should pay close attention to improving the quality of education and teaching, guide local governments to implement the requirements, adhere to the “Five Education” simultaneously, effectively improve the quality of classroom teaching, build a high-quality professional teacher team, deepen the reform of key areas, and promote the overall and healthy growth of students. Pets