Most people with long life span don’t have “3 hard 2 small” characteristics. If you don’t have them, they are long-lived physique

The ancient emperors wanted to live forever by refining pills. In the journey to the west, all kinds of monsters wanted to have a bite of Tangseng meat. Although these all have some mysterious color, we have been longing for a long life. Especially now that the living conditions are good, we hope that we can live a long life.

the length of a person’s life is related to many factors, such as genetic inheritance, daily living habits, living environment and so on. If people have good living habits, their health will be healthier, but in fact, there is a simpler way to judge! Most people with long life don’t have the following “3 hard and 2 small” features. You may as well check yourself. If you don’t have it, Congratulations, you may have a long life constitution.

the first is that they are hard tempered. To put it simply, they are prone to lose their temper, and their temper is not soft, so it is difficult to control their emotions. A person’s mood is good or bad, the state of mind is suspicious, has a very big impact on health, as the saying goes, anger and liver injury, often prone to lose temper, will affect the operation of blood and blood in the body, long-term in this state, immunity and resistance will decline. And a good attitude, every day to laugh, naturally conducive to longevity, which is also the longevity of most of the elderly people have a feature.

the second is that the blood vessels are hard, soft and elastic, so as to ensure the smooth circulation and circulation of blood. Once the blood vessels become hard, the blood circulation and metabolism will be blocked, and the blood supply and oxygen supply to various parts of the body are insufficient, and the hidden danger is very big, especially once the cerebral blood vessels are hardened, blocked or ruptured, it will even threaten the safety of life in serious cases.

the third part is hard neck. The neck connects the head and the body. There are many blood vessels in the neck. If the neck becomes hard, it may affect the blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body. Blood stasis may cause neck pain and headache, and it may also involve the back. In particular, people who sit in front of the computer for a long time need to pay more attention to the activity of their necks.

the first small is the small lung capacity, which largely determines the health of the lung. The lung is an important respiratory organ, so people should not live this breath! The lung capacity is small, indicating that the lung function is not very strong. If the lung is healthy, in general, the lung capacity can reach about 2500-3500 ml. self test whether you have reached the standard?

here we remind people who like to smoke that if they want to live a long life, they’d better stop smoking as soon as possible. If they smoke a lot for a long time, they will not only hurt their lungs, but also their blood vessels and brains. They will get older faster and get rid of them in time, which may gradually be like longevity.

the second smallest is the strength of your hand. The strength of your hand is the strength of your hand. If you have a big hand, you can see the strength of your muscles. The strength of the hand is small, which means that the muscle strength is small, but it means that the muscle aging speed is often slow, and the strength is relatively large, especially for men, the strength is generally larger than that of women, self-test your hand grip strength is not big?

if none of the five performances are included in the first three, and the last two are in line. Congratulations, you or the longevity candidate, if you fail to meet the standard, you should make a change earlier, adjust your daily diet, work and rest habits, learn to control your emotions, maintain a happy mood every day, and persist day after day, maybe you can change the status quo, and your physique will become better and better It is easy to live a long life.

don’t compare with others. Some people who smoke and drink alcohol still live a long and healthy life. This may be an advantage of longevity gene, but not everyone has this advantage.

to sum up, most people with long life span will not have a hard temper, blood vessels and neck, and their lung capacity and grip strength will not be too small. If you are also, do you think you are in line with it? If all standards are met, it is easier to live a long life! Next