Mother and baby weekly: more than two months left for winter vacation, online class orders have soared 27 times

On November 27, according to the documents of the securities and Exchange Commission, Walt Disney company plans to lay off 32000 employees by the end of March 2021. Disney may also be forced to cancel dividends, reduce or cancel contributions to pension and Medicare plans in the future. It is reported that in the year ended September 30, Disney had lost $2.8 billion, a sharp reversal from the previous year’s profit of $10.4 billion. < p > < p > Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision conducted supervision and random inspection on the quality of 45 batches of children’s toys sold in the city, and 7 batches were unqualified. Among the unqualified products, 5 batches of unqualified products involve safety indicators: plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys in mechanical and physical properties, prominent parts in mechanical and physical properties, plasticizer; and 2 batches of unqualified products involve usability indicators: electrical performance identification and description. < p > < p > it has been nearly five years since the two child policy was fully liberalized, and the scale of two child families has continued to expand. On November 19, the shell Research Institute released a report showing that the willingness of two child families to have children is less than 30%, and economic factors are the primary obstacle affecting the two child fertility rate. More than 30% of respondents want to replace their houses for their second child. It is different in different cities for two child families to buy mainstream three bedroom houses. Two million and five million are the dividing line for the purchase of “two child houses”. From the perspective of choice tendency, the report points out that the current family’s choice of “two child house” is not only to have a large area, but also to pay attention to the supporting living space and community; at the same time, the education demand of two child families has been enhanced, and more than 60% of house buyers pay attention to education supporting facilities. < / P > < p > the State Administration of radio and television released a report on the 23rd of the State Administration of radio and television on the problems of frequent traffic fraud and reward disputes on the live broadcast platform of online show. “Live broadcast” and “live broadcast platform” are required to be managed. Ban the reward function of minor users. For live broadcasting rooms with high click through volume, false high turnover volume, large amount of “reward” and easy to have problems in business categories, a key monitoring and auditing mechanism combining human and computer should be established. Recently, the NPD group released the toy sales market data of the United States from January to September this year, which showed that the total sales of toys in the United States increased by 19.1% in the first three quarters of this year, reaching 13.7 billion US dollars, driven by the federal government’s stimulus subsidies and the suspension of outdoor entertainment. From the perspective of 11 major categories, a total of 9 categories achieved growth, with 8 categories except children’s electronic products showing double-digit growth. The top three categories of growth were games and puzzles, outdoor sports toys and building blocks. Among them, outdoor sports toys are the highest category, with sales of nearly 3.5 billion US dollars, accounting for more than one third of the total sales, reaching 36%. Recently, Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau has carried out supervision and random inspection on the quality of milk storage bags produced and sold in Shanghai. This time, 30 batches of products were selected, and 12 batches were unqualified after inspection. Although the accumulated balance of endowment insurance fund for enterprise employees in China is still 4.5 trillion yuan, it is difficult to adjust the surplus and shortage due to the uneven bitterness and happiness among regions. By the third quarter of this year, the central government has provided more than 580 billion yuan of special subsidies for local endowment insurance, which has been used for the pension payment in central and western regions and old industrial bases. According to Yang Yansui, director of the employment and social security research center of Tsinghua University, it is no longer allowed to postpone the retirement policy. At present, it is necessary to formulate specific plans and timetables for delaying retirement as soon as possible to cope with the retirement peak starting in 2023. < p > < p > after Taobao and Jingdong, the micro store has become an e-commerce platform of more than 10 million merchants, which has opened up microblog stores. From December 1 to 31, micro store businesses will enjoy the special commission free benefits provided by microblog. Not only that, microblog has also customized a “micro store to open a micro blog” activity for micro stores, which supports micro store businesses to settle in through traffic guidance. The general office of the State Council issued a notice on the arrangement of some holidays in 2021, including three days off on New Year’s day, seven days on Spring Festival and five days on labor day. < p > < p > on November 19, the baby care room announced that the company plans to purchase 48.53% equity of Nantong xingai pregnant and Infant Products Co., Ltd. held by Zhu Yuanqi for 112 million yuan. After the completion of the equity acquisition, the company will directly hold 48.53% equity of Nantong xingai, and the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Qinbei jointly hold 100% equity of Nantong xingai, and the company will merge 100% of the profits generated by Nantong xingai. It is understood that Nantong xingai pregnant and Infant Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, and its business scope includes sales of formula food for special medical purposes, food business, and sales of infant formula milk powder. < / P > < p > recently, several parents of students in Panyu, Guangzhou reported to the small n monitoring room that they had paid their children one year’s class bag in advance in Wanda campus, Panyu, Aibei International Children’s English organization. Before the class was started, the organization was already empty, and the solutions for the class fees were not implemented, and the school administrators were also lost contact. In July, they are still engaged in sales promotion and pre-sale courses. In October, they are empty. Many parents suspect that the boss plans to run away. At present, Panyu economic investigation has been involved in the investigation. EBE English headquarters said it would pay close attention to the incident and provide assistance to parents in safeguarding their rights. < p > < p > although it is more than two months before the winter vacation for primary and secondary school students in Chongqing, a variety of winter vacation classes have been opened. Recently, according to the data released, the number of orders for primary school related courses in tmall’s “double 11” has reached 27 times that of last year. Yesterday, the reporter visited and learned that many parents in Chongqing also ordered online classes early to prepare for their children’s winter vacation in advance. In this regard, Wang Weihong, former vice president of Chongqing Academy of education and science, reminds parents to choose online courses rationally according to their children’s age characteristics, evaluate the learning effect, and remember to encourage them to grow up. On November 23, 51talk released its financial performance report for the third quarter of 2020. Data show that 51talk still performs well in this financial report, achieving profits for four consecutive quarters. Among the key indicators of the financial report, the cash income was 728 million yuan, and the operating income was 539 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 31.8%, and the gross profit rate was 72.8%, with a year-on-year increase of 1.2 percentage points. The net profit of non GAAP was 38.5 million yuan, and that of GAAP was 31.6 million yuan. Operating cash flow was 186 million yuan, an increase of 63 million yuan over the same period last year. < p > < p > the Ministry of education’s website on November 23 released the specific contents of the Ministry of education’s reply to the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress “on strengthening the standardized management of primary and secondary school students’ supplementary study”. The Ministry of education will continue to strengthen the management of off campus training institutions, improve the joint working mechanism of departments, seriously investigate and punish illegal training, dynamically update the black-and-white list, and guide training institutions to operate in compliance with regulations, the Ministry said. At the same time, we should pay close attention to improving the quality of education and teaching, guide local governments to implement the requirements, adhere to the “Five Education” simultaneously, effectively improve the quality of classroom teaching, build a high-quality professional teacher team, deepen the reform of key areas, and promote the overall and healthy growth of students. On October 21, the company apologized for all the investors who had been troubled by the company’s failure to join the company on October 21, which caused the company’s normal operation problems. Chen Hao said that in order to quickly resume operation support, at this stage, we will provide free high-quality support and assistance to all partners, and all value-added services will not be charged any fees until the payment is settled or the normal operating income is returned. < / P > < p > the 35 apps reported on the official website of the state network and information office have problems in collecting and using personal information, including 9 educational apps, such as after-school website, colorful bear picture book, beiliao parent version, good score, a middle school student, super curriculum, Dabai u Bang, today’s campus and xiaoblackboard. The State Network Information Office suggests that the relevant app operators should rectify the existing problems in time, and feedback the rectification situation to the working group within 30 days from now. After 30 days, the working group will verify the rectification situation, submit the review results to the relevant departments, and handle the suggestions that cannot be effectively rectified according to law. < / P > < p > online education institutions follow who learned today released the third quarter of fiscal year 2020’s unaudited financial report. According to the financial report, in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2020, the income of learning from others was 49137 million yuan, an increase of 316.5% over the same period of last year. Among them, K12 online%, the number of people paying for positive price courses reached 3.596 million, with a year-on-year increase of 229.6%. K-12 online course paid 3.29 million people, an increase of 245.2% year-on-year. In the third quarter, its net loss was 932.5 million yuan, compared with 1.9 million yuan in the same period last year. Recently, some out of school education and training institutions have closed down and many consumers have suffered huge losses. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and advocate law-abiding and honest operation of education and training institutions, the Beijing Consumer Association issued a consumption warning on education and training, reminding consumers that the one-time “tuition payment” time span should not exceed three months. On June 26, the 26th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress heard and deliberated the municipal government’s report on the completion of the three-year action plan for preschool education. Liu Yuhui, director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said that by October 2020, the enrollment rate of school-age children in Beijing had reached 90%, the problem of “difficulty in entering kindergartens” had been basically alleviated, the inclusive rate had reached 87%, and the phenomenon of running kindergartens without certificates had been basically eliminated. < p > < p > according to the national food information not allowed to enter China in October 2020 released by the Customs on November 24, a batch of Viagra children’s growing formula milk powder produced in Australia was not allowed to enter the country, because the certificate of goods was inconsistent, and the importer was Xi’an weiaijia E-commerce Co., Ltd. The company, its subsidiary Guangze Dairy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhiran Dairy Co., Ltd., and its grandson miaokelando Food Technology Co., Ltd. have recently received a total of 3.3319 million yuan from the government, according to the announcement. < / P > < p > big names face to face, leading the new trend of the industry, and the annual grand ceremony is coming! Sina 2020 parenting ceremony will be opened in a grand way. At that time, experts will gather together to help children grow up. Grand ceremony brand registration channel has been opened synchronously! < / P > < p > focus on industry development and pass on new knowledge of early education! Sina 2020 early childhood education summit will be held in a grand ceremony. Celebrities and experts of early childhood education will be invited to discuss the way to break the situation and transform the industry under the special situation. It will also analyze the new problems encountered by thousands of families in early childhood education and give scientific suggestions. Summit seats are limited, book on the code! < / P > < p > high energy warning! 2020 mother and baby KOL awards are coming! Five major contents of the track opened simultaneously, a hundred big V child care gathered! According to the requirements of the micro blog, you have the opportunity to obtain strong resources, and also have the opportunity to attend the super burning Sina 2020 parenting ceremony! All the staff are in position. We are waiting for you! < p > < p > column introduction: maternal and child weekly is a dynamic column of industry information. It can check the industry policy trends of maternal and child pregnancy every week, and have insight into the industry trend, so that you can grasp the overall situation in 3 minutes! Next