Mother and baby weekly: the birth rate has fallen below the warning line, should we include illegitimate childbirth?

Li Jiheng, Minister of civil affairs, recently wrote that China’s population development has entered a critical turning point. We should guide the improvement of the fertility level and stabilize it in an appropriate range, and increase the supply of labor force. At present, affected by many factors, the fertility desire of the population of the right age is low, the total fertility rate has fallen below the warning line, and the population development has entered a critical turning point. Official data show that the number of births in China has been declining for several years. According to the statistical bulletin of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2019, China’s birth population was 14.65 million, a decrease of 580000 compared with that in 2018, and the birth rate was 10.48 ‰, 0.46 thousandth point lower than that in 2018. According to historical data, the birth rate of 10.48 ‰ is also the lowest since 2000. Recently, Li Jiheng, Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs, wrote an article saying that at present, due to the influence of various parties, China’s school-age population’s fertility desire is low, the total fertility rate has fallen below the warning line, and the population development has entered a critical turning point. In this context, the “14th five year plan” puts forward the policy suggestions of “enhancing the inclusiveness of fertility policy” and “reducing the cost of fertility, parenting and education”. To enhance the inclusiveness of the fertility policy, there is no doubt that there is a tendency to continue to open up the fertility policy, to abolish the strict birth restriction measures, and to adopt a more inclusive attitude towards the situation of illegitimate childbirth. < p > < p > on November 19, Wuhan Municipal People’s government issued a notice on promoting the national “student milk drinking plan”, advocating that primary and secondary school students should drink milk every day and enhance their awareness of nutrition and anti epidemic. In 2030, the intake of milk and dairy products of primary and secondary school students will be increased by 15% on the basis of this year. < p > < p > more than two months after the opening of the park, the recovery of Hong Kong Disneyland came to an abrupt end again. In December 1st, the official WeChat official account of the Disney Park Resort in Hongkong announced that the Hongkong Disney park will be closed from December 2nd, and this is the third time this year, Hongkong’s Disney has announced the suspension of the opening of the Hongkong park. Recently, the bubble mart of “the myth of blind box” has passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is about to be listed for the second time. It is known as “the first stock of blind box”. In the future, there may be a batch of similar fashion toy unicorns. According to the enterprise survey data, there are 3.93 million toy related enterprises in China. Guangdong Province ranks first with 468600 enterprises, Zhejiang Province and Henan Province rank second and third respectively, while Xi’an has the largest number of enterprises with 277600 enterprises. In 2019, the toy industry ushered in a huge growth, with 1081100 new registered enterprises in the whole year, with a year-on-year growth of 136.6%. In the first three quarters of this year, a total of 881800 enterprises were registered, with a year-on-year increase of 11%, of which 356000 enterprises were newly registered in the third quarter. In addition, 69% of enterprises in the whole industry have registered capital less than 1 million. According to a recent document issued by the Ministry of civil affairs, since January 1, 2021, couples who divorce by agreement of the Civil Affairs Bureau need to go through five steps: application, acceptance, cooling off period, examination and registration. Within 30 days after the expiration of the cooling off period of divorce, both parties need to go to the marriage registration authority to get the divorce certificate. If they fail to get the divorce certificate within the time limit, they will be deemed to have withdrawn their divorce application. In addition, the marriage registration authority will no longer accept the cancellation of business due to forced marriage. According to the provisions, “if a marriage is due to coercion, the coerced party may apply to the people’s court for the annulment of the marriage.” From December, another batch of new regulations will be formally implemented: among them, online shopping “deceptive discount” is explicitly prohibited, and promotion activities should clearly indicate the discount and price reduction benchmark; if not, the lowest transaction price within 7 days before the event shall be taken as the benchmark. If there is no transaction within the previous 7 days, the discount or reduction shall be based on the last transaction price before the activity. Recently, Guangdong Yongsheng Animation Co., Ltd., the parent company of animation IP pig man, has updated its prospectus. According to the prospectus, Yongsheng animation will impact the gem listing, and plans to raise 300 million yuan, mainly for IP resource construction projects. According to the IPO information, Lule Health Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a listing guidance agreement with CITIC Securities, and filed with Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau on the 25th. Founded in 2010, Lule group is a high-end family health product company integrating R & D, production and sales. It includes two brother brands – lu’anshi and elo’ai, covering a series of products, such as baby diapers, baby care, mother care, postpartum recovery, and special sanitary napkins for pregnant women. < p > < p > on December 1, local time, British retail giant Debenham, with a history of more than 230 years, announced that the company had to close down because it could not find a buyer after applying for bankruptcy protection. A day earlier, another well-known British retailer, Arcadia group, also announced the start of bankruptcy liquidation proceedings. In just 24 hours, the two major retail groups have closed down, and 25000 jobs are at stake. < p > < p > 36 krypton learned that on the evening of December 3, Shangwei shares said it would terminate its acquisition of star field, a live broadcasting company. As for the reasons for the termination of the acquisition, the company said that considering that the implementation of the new live broadcasting regulations would have a great impact on the live broadcasting industry, the company made a new study and judgment on the valuation and pricing, profit forecast and gambling, and failed to reach an agreement, and finally decided to terminate the transaction. As the main anchor of star hope is Luo Yonghao, and one of the shareholders of star hope, Luo Yongxiu and Luo Yonghao are brothers, the acquisition case has attracted much attention. < / P > < p > 36 krypton learned that tianyancha app showed that recently, the Internet hot word “dry rice man” has been registered as a company, including the dry rice man Catering Management Co., Ltd., Wuhan Qingshan District dry rice man daily use department store, automobile economic and Technological Development Zone dry rice man fast food restaurant, etc. < p > < p > on December 2, 36 krypton Research Institute announced that live e-commerce is booming, and major platforms are running in, and the industry competition is intensifying. At present, game player is mainly divided into three categories: tiktok, a traditional business platform represented by Taobao, entertainment content platform represented by jitter, and shopping mall platform. Among them, Taobao has strong competitiveness, and the private traffic flow is still to be precipitated. GMV is low, but the fans tiktok is the highest in the whole network. The report predicts that in the future, competition will shift from traffic increment to traffic stock competition, and refined operation will become the key to competition. < p > < p > on December 2, the Ministry of Education issued a reply to the proposal put forward by deputies to the National People’s Congress that “nine-year compulsory education should be changed into twelve-year compulsory education”. He said that the 12-year curriculum for compulsory education and ordinary senior high schools in China has been gradually established after long-term practice and repeated adjustment, which conforms to the current international practice, basically adapts to the current and future social and economic development of the country, and basically conforms to the law of children’s physical and mental development and cognitive law. At present, it does not have the ability to extend the schooling system, nor to extend the pre-school and general education It is necessary to integrate senior high school into compulsory education. On December 1, the Ministry of Education held a press conference. Liu changya, director of the development and Planning Department of the Ministry of education, said that since the 13th five year plan, fair development of education has reached a new level. The policy of free entrance to nearby schools for compulsory education and the same enrollment policy for citizens have been fully implemented. 98.6% of the 24 big cities are free of entrance examination. 85.3% of the children who move with them go to public schools or enjoy the degree purchased by the government. On December 1, the Ministry of Education held a press conference. It was revealed at the meeting that since the “13th five year plan” period, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of industry and information technology have jointly carried out school networking and vigorously promoted the work of school networking and cost reduction. At present, the national primary and secondary school networking rate has increased from 69.3% in 2015 to 99.7%, and the proportion of schools with 100 m export bandwidth has jumped from 12.8% to 98.7%. 95.2% of primary and secondary schools have multi-media classrooms, and the number of teachers and students terminals equipped by schools is 10.6 million and 17.03 million respectively. < p > < p > on December 1, the Ministry of Education held the first press conference of “closing” series of education 2020, introducing the situation of national education reform and development, teacher team construction, investment and use of education funds, and information construction during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Surging news learned from the press release that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, 95.3% of the county-level units in 23 provinces of China have basically achieved balanced development of compulsory education, and the proportion of large classes with more than 56 students has decreased from 12.7% in 2016 to 3.98%. < / P > < p > fluently said announced today its unaudited financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2020. In the third quarter, the net income of fluent English was 239.4 million yuan, down 11.1% from 269.4 million yuan in the previous quarter, and 8.6% lower than that of 262.1 million yuan in the same period of last year. In terms of profits, in the third quarter, fluent said had a net loss of 70.6 million yuan, compared with 92.5 million yuan in the previous quarter and 221.1 million yuan in the same period last year. < p > < p > ape guidance’s brand ape programming announced the establishment of “children’s Programming Research Institute” to professionally upgrade its children’s programming courses, and open a new programming education mode for young people aged 4-18 years old. In terms of programming, ape said that the “children’s programming Institute” launched this time will create “compound curriculum content”, so that programming and other disciplines complement each other, so that students can experience the continuity of programming discipline, and lay a good foundation for future learning and thinking development. In the future, the curriculum will be upgraded with students’ needs as the core, life scenes and knowledge of various disciplines as carriers, so as to bring professional and applicable programming courses to Chinese students. < p > < p > on the afternoon of December 1, Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd. issued a notice on the progress of new Laite’s share issuance project. It is announced that the company has received a notice from synlaite that the project of additional shares issued by Synlait has been completed. After the completion of the project, Guangming dairy held 85266605 shares of Synlait shares, accounting for 39% of the total equity of synlaite.

December 2nd, according to the Japanese milk brand “snow print” WeChat official account. “Snowprint Hong Kong Limited” reported that the report on infant milk powder published by the Consumer Council of Hong Kong earlier was clarified. It was mentioned in the report that the vitamin B12 content of a batch of snowprint formula milk powder was insufficient. Xueyin believed that the testing methods of some nutrients used by the Consumer Council may not be the most suitable for infant formula milk powder, so the test results are biased. < / P > < p > big names face to face, leading the new trend of the industry, and the annual grand ceremony is coming! Sina 2020 parenting ceremony will be opened in a grand way. At that time, experts will gather together to help children grow up. Grand ceremony brand registration channel has been opened synchronously! < / P > < p > focus on industry development and pass on new knowledge of early education! Sina 2020 early childhood education summit will be held in a grand ceremony. Celebrities and experts of early childhood education will be invited to discuss the way to break the situation and transform the industry under the special situation. It will also analyze the new problems encountered by thousands of families in early childhood education and give scientific suggestions. Summit seats are limited, book on the code! < / P > < p > high energy warning! 2020 mother and baby KOL awards are coming! Five major contents of the track opened simultaneously, a hundred big V child care gathered! According to the requirements of the micro blog, you have the opportunity to obtain strong resources, and also have the opportunity to attend the super burning Sina 2020 parenting ceremony! All the staff are in position. We are waiting for you! < p > < p > column introduction: maternal and child weekly is a dynamic column of industry information. It can check the industry policy trends of maternal and child pregnancy every week, and have insight into the industry trend, so that you can grasp the overall situation in 3 minutes!