Moving picture demonstration 1-10 months of fetal development process, after reading exclamation too magical!

In fact, the fetus starts from the fertilized egg, develops gradually, and finally gives birth smoothly. During this period, it will experience a magical stage, which makes the mother-in-law happy and anxious. < p > < p > after Jun Jun Jun was pregnant, he was very nervous. He often worried about the development of the fetus, for fear of accidents, and that he would not have enough food in the future. Once he went out, he would buy them home in large packages. < p > < p > when her mother-in-law saw this situation, she said with a smile: “you are only 2 months pregnant, and it’s still early when the baby is born. It’s not too late to buy some things after a period of time. Don’t worry too much, which will affect the health of you and the fetus.”. < p > < p > when they first got pregnant, many mothers to be didn’t know about it. In general, after the implantation of fertilized eggs, there will be the phenomenon of stopping the menstruation, and it is possible to know that you are pregnant through the examination. < / P > < p > however, the fetus begins to develop rapidly in the mother’s body. It can be preliminarily seen that the human shape has been formed, and the head, body, trunk and limbs have been formed. Moreover, the head is large, and even the eyes, nose and ears can be distinguished, and the heart is beating. < p > < p > at the third month of pregnancy, the fetus began to develop rapidly in the details, especially the fingers and toes had grown out of the claw bed, the limbs had been able to move freely, at the same time, the external genitalia had been differentiated, but the gender could not be identified. < / P > < p > because the fetus is still unstable in the early pregnancy, the mother to be should pay special attention not to be too tired mentally, but to strengthen nutrition to ensure adequate nutrition intake. < / P > < p > at this stage, due to the gradual development and growth of the fetus, it is obvious that the mother to be is pregnant. The blood vessels on the fetal skin can be seen, and at the same time, the bones begin to develop. < p > < p > at the 5th month of pregnancy, fetal movement and fetal heart rate appeared in the fetus, and subcutaneous tissue began to form, and the sebaceous glands could secrete normally. They can play games in the womb, sometimes with their own umbilical cord, sometimes with automatic smile. < p > < p > therefore, in the diet, mothers to be should pay attention to eat less and more meals, in order to facilitate digestion, pay attention to drink more water, so as not to cause constipation, at the same time, pay attention to control the weight, not to grow too fast. When the fetus is 6 months old, < / P > < p > this will make her feel that she often has backache, especially in the waist. This is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by the compression of the spine after abdominal enlargement. < / P > < p > at this time, the baby’s pink skin can be seen. Due to the lack of subcutaneous fat, the skin is wrinkled and there is a lot of fetal fat on it. Moreover, the fetal hair has grown out and the eyelids are obviously separated. < / P > < p > some mothers to be will have edema in their legs and some will have cramps. This is a manifestation of malnutrition and must be supplemented in time. But also to strengthen the movement, helps the blood circulation better. < / P > < p > at this time, the fetus has grown larger, and the weight is about 1500g-1700g. The facial hair falls off and the respiratory function is fully developed, but the lung is still developing and improving. < p > < p > therefore, mothers to be should pay attention to supplement water, adjust their mentality, and let the fetus not have large movements in the uterus, so as to avoid the above problems. < p > < p > expectant mothers should pay attention to a good rest and carbohydrate supplement, which can not only relieve constipation, but also supplement nutrition for the next stage of labor. < p > < p > expectant mothers should prepare all kinds of things for childbirth. At the same time, they should keep a good mood and pay attention to the situation of the fetus at any time. In case of uterine contraction and red, they should be hospitalized immediately. < / P > < p > especially in childbirth, not only is the mother to be giving birth, but also the fetus is actively cooperating, constantly turning the body and moving forward in the bright direction. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE