Multi dimensional activating eye to release high energy

According to modern medical research, eye skin is the thinnest part of human skin, which is more fragile than facial skin. Free radical oxidation damage caused by ultraviolet radiation under daily light, frequent activities around the eyes caused by facial expression, work pressure, irregular life and incomplete makeup removal will cause damage to the thin eye skin. If the skin around the eyes enters the aging cycle earlier than other skin, there may be all kinds of troubles around the eyes: dark circles, fine lines, dark, slack, bags under the eyes So that the original beautiful eyes become gloomy, tired, and now the group of people troubled by eye problems is growing. In January 2021, FILORGA, with its aim to improve skin quality and promote anti aging repair, was launched by myrrh, a new member of the muscle source Revitalizing Eye Cream. It extended the characteristics of the muscle source activated series to resist skin senescence in a comprehensive way. The exclusive core component of FILORGA, NCEF, and five active ingredients inspired by medical cosmetology, helped to change the source. It can effectively fight against eye skin problems caused by internal and external environment, repair eye texture, activate eye youth, and restore young and energetic eyes. As a French laboratory skin care brand, filorga focuses on developing a series of treatment solutions against skin aging. The newly launched myogenic activating eye cream provides a more targeted eye care solution inspired by the latest medical technology to repair the skin around the eyes. Philoka uses five active ingredients and carries directional technology according to the eye problems targeted by each active ingredient, so that the active ingredients can be delivered to the desired target position of the skin accurately and symptomatically improve multiple eye skin problems. < / P > < p > esculetin is loaded with multi globular phospholipid microcapsules, which can act on capillaries, improve eye microcirculation, and fight against dark circles caused by poor skin circulation after staying up late. Encapsulated vitamin C can penetrate into the skin, eliminate the dark and uneven skin around the eyes, and make the skin around the eyes glow. The molecular flake containing caffeine can effectively regulate skin metabolism, eliminate excess moisture and relieve eye bags. < / P > < p > hyaluronic acid is encapsulated in multi-layer microcapsules, which can be released in the deep layer of the skin, thus enriching the skin and smoothing fine lines. Collagen carries water free microcapsules, filling collagen fibers, thus tightening the eye contour. The combination of 5 active ingredients and directional technology can stimulate the 5-Dimensional skin care effect around the eyes and bring complete and meticulous care to the eyes. < / P > < p > like filorga’s muscle activating series, muscle activating eye cream continues the characteristics of muscle activating series – high concentration of NCEF, the exclusive core ingredient of intensive research. NCEF contains 50 kinds of active ingredients and hyaluronic acid, and the active ingredients are wrapped in anti-aging nano microspheres layer by layer, ensuring deep penetration and acting on the skin dermis, providing nutrition for beautiful skin It can effectively promote the formation of skin supporting fibers, activate skin cells from inside to outside, activate healthy skin in an all-round way, release high energy from the muscle bottom, effectively reduce the aging and fatigue around the eyes, and make the skin around the eyes bright and charming. < / P > < p > the eye cream is cream ice cream texture. It is not thick and moisturizing. It is easy to be absorbed when pushed away. It can ensure that the effective ingredients can go deep into the muscle bottom to play a role. It is not afraid of the malabsorption of tired skin, and makes the eye immediately firm and bright. After application, the eye is smooth and firm, and then the make-up is more perfect. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!